Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love me some dreads. Seriously though, Ry and I have worked on my hair for about 30 minutes total the past two months and I have washed them maybe twice.(My hair doesn't really produce very much oil, so it only needs washing once a month.) That is it. No hair dryer, no styling...nothing. Just a scarf, a hair band, or just plain ol' down. What a time saver. I love them. I am thinking about dying some/all of them. Got any suggestions?


Midge said...

this may be a given, but if you don't let me do it, we can't be friends any more.

how are you planning on explaining that to Jones? Huh? HUH?

I know what I want for you hair.
I so totally know.

tabitha jane said...


my next door neighbor his a hair dresser and i am going to save up and have her help me bleach one out and dye it a funky color.

i mean, i am going to let arwen do it.

anyway, wasn't it worth all the initial work?!?! don't you love them now?!?!? huzzah!

my dreads just turned 3 years old . . . i think i've washed them 5 times this entire year . ..

Midge said...


I dreamed a dream last night and I believe it told me that I can get you platinum.
like whoa.
and Tabitha and her NEW best friend aren't invited.

(ps: Huzzah, in part, is what "landed" me Ez.... SCORE!)

tabitha jane said...

you're welcome.