Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Jones...all American boy.

A lot of you who know Jones know that he signs half of his words and he says the other half. He probably can sign about 20 words and knows around 30 English words. (It depends on when he wants to use them though, so you may have never been witness to this.) One thing that he signs is "I love you". He doesn't use it very often, it is reserved for Mommy, Daddy, grandparents, and the occasional aunty.

Yesterday he was eating pizza. Which he really likes. Which he rarely gets because I have to make it from scratch so it is gluten free. But yesterday as a special treat Ryan (since I haven't been able to cook for ever 6 weeks) got really brave and for the first time made pizza from scratch...he is such a good daddy. It turned out good and Jones was in heaven. He was so happy in fact that every time he would take a bite he would say "Oh, yummmm. Yummm." He got so into his food that while eating his second piece during the "Yumm", he would look at his pizza and sign "I love you" to each bite. I asked him "Jones are you saying you love the pizza?" He just said "Yeah" and kept on enjoying and loving his food.

Don't feel bad if he has never said that he loves you. Apparently that special phrase is reserved for important things like Mommy, Daddy, and Pizza.