Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby milk, pacifiers, and blanket capes with utility belts.

Here has been Jones' take on Breast-Feeding:
Number 1:
J:"Daddy do you where baby milk comes from? The hospital."
R: "Really?"
J: (Laughing) "Not really! It comes from Mommy's boobs!"

Number 2:
J: "India eats baby milk. She licks mommy's boobs."

Number 3:
(India has been crying for just a minuet and I am trying to get Jones in the bathtub so I can go pick her up.)
J: "Mommy, India's crying. Pull your boob out and feed her!!"

Needless to say my son is very observant and slightly obsessed with breast-feeding. I know it is a natural thing and it's OK for him to be interested, but sometimes it gets a little awkward when he tells people that his sister licks his mom's boobs. Weird.

Time for a few pictures

Jonesy loves to lay down with Indi and he always wants to kiss her. What a sweet brother.

Here he is with his most treasured possesion...It doubles for best friend/blanket and "utility belt". He just just discovered the foot bath. Cute boy! India 10 days...she's a thinker. At five days she had to start with her pacifier (reflux issues), we decided this one was too big. Mommy looks tired, but naked pictures are classic

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

India Jayne

Here she is! Our sweet baby girl came on Saturday the 1st at 5:15 pm. She weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. (Kat wins the bet for right baby day and Brahim Brahim wins for the right baby size!!) Here are a few pics...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Still waiting...

Yesterday I was at the Dr. and she felt really bad for me that I am still pregnant. Before she was even in the door she was apologizing, saying she would do whatever she could to get me in labor. You see, I have been having contractions now for 20 weeks. A lot of days I will have them up to 6 hours at a time...every five minuets...and they don't do anything. It kind of sucks, but at least she wants to help me get this going right? Well, after some discussion (because now my usually very low blood pressure is getting pretty high as well) she decides I need to be induced, my choices are get induced Saturday morning (Today) or in 8-10 days. I obviously chose today...but there was one catch...
I only get to go in to be induced if someone else who has a more pressing medical issue doesn't have to go in first. They told me to go home yesterday and they would call me in the morning (today) around 7-8 and let me know when to come in. It is now 8:40....I have heard nothing from them. So of course, being that I have been pregnant for 40 weeks, I am not really patient, I give them a call. They tell me nothing except that they will call me. CRAP! Will this ever end??!

So if I ever get a call from them I might be having a baby today, but then again I could be prego for the rest of my life....seriously. I will post again with pics when she comes. Here's hoping it's today!!