Sunday, November 23, 2008

Big Pharmer

You all know that some of my beliefs are a little different than a lot of "main-stream" beliefs. One of these differences is concerning vaccinations. While this blog is not about all the reasons why I think vaccinating children is not the way to make them healthy, (in fact I think it does just the opposite) I do want to bring one small piece of the big business out for you all to think about.

Many of us know that vaccinations are grown on dead animal tissues right? Viruses cannot grow on healthy tissue, so they use monkey, hamster and other dead animals to grow some of the ingredients. One of the downfalls to this is that any disease the animals have (such as monkey viruses) are then injected into our children (sadly these aren't even the worst things that are in there). Some people (I don't know why...please hear my sarcasm) are having a problem with this and so the big pharmacy companies have a solution.

They are growing many of the vaccinations now on aborted baby fetuses. So much better right? I mean now our living children can be injected with tissue from other dead babies instead of gross animals. And not to mention it gives the abortion clinics a way to make money off all the dead babies they have lying around right?

Gross. I am most definitely against abortion. I don't think that just outlawing it will make it stop, it might slow it down, but that isn't even the real issue. Our system, the cycle we have gotten ourselves into, and the way we care for our unwed mothers (not to mention things like the need for people to know the love of Jesus) are all part of the issue. I am unsure of what would be the best way to stop the abortion epidemic we have in our country...but I do know one thing. Giving the abortion clinics and Dr.'s a way to make money off the dead babies is never good. Pairing abortion and big business even more than they have is very bad and very unethical.

It is sad how much we are blind to what we don't care to research ourselves. Sad how much money and power corrupts good things like Dr's, health care, and protecting women.

Just reason number one why my kids are no longer getting vaccinations. Want to know more?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guess who's cell phone died a tragic death which included randomly calling people 10-15 times in a row? Guess who miraculously was up for a new free phone which a contract renewal? And guess who got a new sweet red Centro palm phone for adding in a few extra bucks?

That's right...ME!

I love my new red phone. (I think the only person who can understand my deep love for this perfect red phone might be Sarah Davis. We are red loving soul mates!)

What a beauty!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A confession

So I haven't started the "sticking it to her" part of the bedtime routine yet. I am just so tired! But i think you all will be happy to know that we have pretty much gotten rid of the car seat and last night India slept from Midnight until 6 without waking up once! I am going to be was like heaven.

I will try again in the next couple of days to really make India stay in bed. I just have to tell myself it is worth staying actively awake for a potentially long time.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I wanted to share the excitement with you...

Part 1: Today for the first time in her entire life India Jayne ate 3 meals! Actual, real food (not maybe took a bite or two...if that) meals. In fact she even ate a few snacks in between! It's like she is a real 1 year old (or actually, with the amount, a real 8 month old...but can't be too picky right?). Yeah for a baby that eats food!

Now if only she would start sleeping for more than 2-3 hour chunks...which brings me to...

Part 2: Tonight is the night. Poor India is getting the harsh treatment, no more night time feedings, no more sleeping in her car seat. That is right...her car seat. My child's favorite and almost only place she will sleep is her INFANT carrier. I believe this stems from her spending a large amount of her first several months of life in it. She had respiratory and reflux problems and so needed the "propped-up angle" the carrier provided...but still, the time has come. Ryan and I decided last week to start it tonight...I needed this time to become mentally prepared because there is a very real chance that she may scream all night. Months ago we tried sticking it to her and she joke...6 hours straight...two nights in a row!! So now we are trying again. Lord help us!

And last I leave you with this...And your welcome...

This is the trimmed 'stach Ryan grew during our road trip to PAPA Fest. Yummy.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I nailed it....I...Nailed it

I have for a long while now believed extremely in the ability and drive of young people. High-school, college-age, and young adults still have the freshness and dreams to achieve (disclaimer: not that I think older people do not have any of these things, just not in the same way as younger people). It is like they have yet to be tainted with "reality" and the thoughts of "what". They have haven't quite been as programed to think that they have no control. They buy into the ideal that together we can change things. By just starting with one individual, anything can happen. I also think that these recent few generations are also some of the most apathetic generations of our time. I believe that while they have this possibility of being a driving changing force, they lack the motivation and obligation to really harness this great tool that is just sitting at their fingertips, begging to be utilized. And this is where I think Barak Obama proved his brilliance.

I have said to Ryan many times that believe the best fund raisers could really be college students. If we could inspire, they would achieve whatever the vision. I really do think this. The key is providing that vision. Inspiring, tangible vision, that includes their ownership and belief int their world changing ability. I think that the Obama campaign and election has proved this tonight. If I agree with Him or not, if I voted for him or not (which I didn't, but I didn't vote for McCain either!), I have to give him my respect for his realising this and using it so proficiently. He nailed it.
Give young people a vision...Yes We CAN
Give them something they can cling to and believe...YES we CAN
Make them feel they own it....Yes WE can
Touch their hearts and give them hope for the future...Yes WE CAN
Speak of unity...Yes WE can
Lead them without dominating them...YES WE can

And when you get the momentum going, let them loose and don't hold them back...YES WE CAN.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Just some more pics...but they are of halloween so come on!

Here are a few pictures of Halloween. Indi of course had to be a cute little elf/fairy and Jones wanted to be a blue monster. The fairy costume was super simple to make, a pillow case sewn into a dress, a pair of wings and a flower ribbon for her hair. Super cutie. The monster on the other hand was a little tough. Jones had specific instructions for what it was to look like...Blue fur, green stripe around the middle, long tail, monster hands with orange claws, and orange pointy ears. It took some time and a little creativity, but after all was said and done the monster turned out pretty darn good. It was fabric that I loosely sewed onto a pair of footy pajamas, a pair of gloves with felt claws and a hood with ears. Fabulous.

Precious fairy girl

Scary blue monster

Daddy and Jones Carving pumpkins