Sunday, November 23, 2008

Big Pharmer

You all know that some of my beliefs are a little different than a lot of "main-stream" beliefs. One of these differences is concerning vaccinations. While this blog is not about all the reasons why I think vaccinating children is not the way to make them healthy, (in fact I think it does just the opposite) I do want to bring one small piece of the big business out for you all to think about.

Many of us know that vaccinations are grown on dead animal tissues right? Viruses cannot grow on healthy tissue, so they use monkey, hamster and other dead animals to grow some of the ingredients. One of the downfalls to this is that any disease the animals have (such as monkey viruses) are then injected into our children (sadly these aren't even the worst things that are in there). Some people (I don't know why...please hear my sarcasm) are having a problem with this and so the big pharmacy companies have a solution.

They are growing many of the vaccinations now on aborted baby fetuses. So much better right? I mean now our living children can be injected with tissue from other dead babies instead of gross animals. And not to mention it gives the abortion clinics a way to make money off all the dead babies they have lying around right?

Gross. I am most definitely against abortion. I don't think that just outlawing it will make it stop, it might slow it down, but that isn't even the real issue. Our system, the cycle we have gotten ourselves into, and the way we care for our unwed mothers (not to mention things like the need for people to know the love of Jesus) are all part of the issue. I am unsure of what would be the best way to stop the abortion epidemic we have in our country...but I do know one thing. Giving the abortion clinics and Dr.'s a way to make money off the dead babies is never good. Pairing abortion and big business even more than they have is very bad and very unethical.

It is sad how much we are blind to what we don't care to research ourselves. Sad how much money and power corrupts good things like Dr's, health care, and protecting women.

Just reason number one why my kids are no longer getting vaccinations. Want to know more?


Sarah D. said...

Where did you hear about the dead animals being used to grow bacteria? I've never heard that before! Gross. It is a tricky thing and becoming more confusing all the time with all the info that is coming out about vaccines. I'm really not sure what I will choose but I guess I'll research it more when I actually have a kid :)

PS my word verification is "lungs" how strangely appropriate!

Eric and Tara said...

Um. Barf.
That is a barfy post. Malak has had some of his vaccinations, but not all...I am pretty sure that he will not be recieving any more. Barf.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I don't know if you remember me, but I know Ryan because I was an AIM assistant while he was in AIM. I have read quite a few of your posts in the last day or two, and I just keep laughing. Jones is five days younger than my oldest son Malachi, and India is a couple of months older than my other son Silas. When you talk about certain things, they are soooooo much like my kids. Silas never sleeps during the day unless you hold him, and he sleeps with us 98% of nights because he wakes up a million times a night, and I just have to get some sleep at some point. Anyway, I just wanted to say I have totally laughed and connected with your posts. Say hi to Ryan for Rob (my husband) and me. Oh, and great post about the vaccinations. I'm personally scared to death of them (especially since Malachi didn't really talk much until he was almost three...talks really well now, though). Allright, enough rambling from me!

FoxFamilyFive said...

It sounds, to me, that a good place to start is to outlaw the SALE of aborted fetuses. I think that 'donating' them for this purpose would be, at least a little, less morally corrupt.