Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My babies

I needed a new post so that the previous post wouldn't always be what greeted you when you visit my blog. I mean the things on that post needed to be shared, but it's not really the best thing to see everyday. So since I have nothing really to share right now, I thought that I would just post a couple of pictures.

Jones loves to paint, but we only let him every once in a while and always in his high chair. I think you can see why.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Getting off the Butt Sex Band Wagon...a tale of internet porn and my hotmail account

Crap guys. I have something to tell you all, I get Internet porn emails. I get them A LOT. I actually get at least 15 a day. The worst thing about it?? Almost all of them are about butt sex. I know, disgusting right? Well you should see the subject line...I am not going to go into it here, but lets just say "Girls like it in the anus with a pink dildo" is the most mild of the topics. Use you most wild, perverted imagination and I have gotten an email with that subject line. A lot of them don't even make sense or aren't spelled right.

At first they didn't really bother me, a couple dirty emails here, a few "blonds with big boobies" there (seriously some of them actually say "Boobies". I thought people stopped saying that in Jr. High...Oh no! I am getting porn from Jr. highers!!). But that was in the beginning...that was just a few a day. I can't take so many. What makes matters really bad is they are just getting worse by the day and they cannot be blocked because they always come from different people.

The one thing I have been wondering in the middle of all of this...how did a girl get signed up for so much butt porn?!? Where have I been giving out my email address? Apparently I have some very dark secrets...so dark in fact that I am keeping them even from myself??

There is only one thing a girl can do, change her email address. I intend to do this tomorrow. So if you are a person that I email and you do not get an email from me in the next few days with my new address, then contact me so I can send it to you. I have to protect this new address with my whole life...the butt pirates are out to get me.

Monday, October 01, 2007

I know...my next post wont be about my children...I promise.

Here is a newer picture of little Indi...I know she is so cute right? She has been sick the past week and a half and the most precious thing about it is that the Dr. today told me that part of the reason she has been so congested is that her little features (such as her nostrils and mouth and her little ear canals) are so tiny (even for a baby, she just has petite little parts), that they get plugged so easily. How cute is that?

Here is a video for you enjoyment. India started really rolling over at 3 weeks 1 day old...and we actually caught it on video! Also, Jones only started singing about 5 weeks ago. He was never interested in it before, but when he did decide to start he knew every word to every song we have ever sang him. Crazy. The video of him singing is from about 4 weeks ago. I love toddlers.