Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We are even...

So I think that some of you will remember my friend Arwen's post. You know the one where she talks about how I left my cell phone in a Safeway and then we had to backtrack a million miles to get it...I think you know the one. Well have a got a Story for you.
I have a little pre-school class that I teach on Wednesday mornings. This week was the last one for the summer and I had little gifts for each child. These gifts were in plastic thermos', which were inside a plastic garbage bag (there were so many that this was the best way to contain them all). I live in an apartment, one the third floor, we use an elevator to get into the basement (which is where the garage is, which is where our car is). We (arwen, Jones, and I) were going to the car and Arwen and I had our hands full of things (we both had a bag full of thermos gifts). At the bottom of the elevator Arwen realized that she had forgotten her sun glasses and needed to go back up and get them....I went to load my bags and Jones into the car.
Arwen was gone quite a while and when she got to the car she didn't have her garbage bag with her (the one with the child's toys). I questioned, "where are is your bag?" "in the dumpster" She says (This is also in the basement.)... "What? That was filled with toys!!"
Because I have about 6 inches on Arwen I offered to go get the toys out of the dumpster.
Let me paint a picture: Stinky trash room, a 6 foot tall almost empty dumpster (Enough trash to coat the bottom, but not enough for me to be able to reach in.), and me with no way to get my bag of toys (this sounds like a nightmare Santa might have!) So what do I do???
I have to climb into this dumpster, basically using only my brute strength (which is almost non-existent), stand inside, throw out the bag and them climb back out using the dumpster wall for hand holds. YUCK!
Arwen we are now even! I leave my cell phone, you make me climb the walls of a trash smeared dumpster. We are even my friend...Even Steven. Sleep tight Santa.

Friday, May 26, 2006


I am not sure who in this blogmunity has been to Australia. I was born there (this has nothing to do with my story, but is an interesting fact I thought I would share). My sister is a missionary there. My family (well baby sister, mom and dad) just returned from a trip there this past week.

While visiting the land down under my sisters came upon an interesting which I had to fight Ryan to get to share with you, my dear fellow bloggers. Platypuses are a native animal to Australia, therfore they are in the Australian zoo's. Do you know what their homes are called? Not a "den", or a "burrow", no my friend...platypuses live in a...PLATYPUSARY! Thats right a platypusary. That is all I have to say about that.

P.S. My sister brought back a platypus doll for Jones and he loves it. We are hoping that he will love it and someday make it his favorite doll. Then instead of building houses or barns or whatever other kinds of forts you build with your stuffed creatures as a child, Our sone will build platypusary with his doll. Then he can invite his friends over to spend the night in his "Rad platypusary" he built that day. One can only hope and pray.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Straw Anyone?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...I've been a little busy...I don't know why...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Something has come to my attention

I have been noticing something lately... If you want to get a lot of complements on a post you need to talk about someone who is "famous", i.e. an actor or singer. You have to "have a conversation with them" or say you want to see their naked bodies...You also have to care about who is prego, who got them prego, and what they are going to name their "alien/baby" when it comes (if it is really coming).
So here it goes:
Dear Xtina:
Mmmm...I like it when you sing. Why are you so dirty? Maybe you should should steal Kevin from your old friend Britt. I hear he likes that sort of thing.
Dear Russell,
Remember when you did that movie...What was it called? Oh yeah, Gladiator. Everyone liked it I hear. Too bad your so mean. If you you were nice maybe people would like the real you as much as they like the fake you from that movie.
Dear Dominic,
Hey you are a pretty tricky fellow. I mean, once you played a fanciful creature (a.k.a. Merry the hobbit) and you did a good job. I will admit, you looked and acted just like I would picture a hobbit. And that is what's so amazing, you still look like a hobbit...and yet know one seems to notice. I really thought they would have taken off your fake nose, but I guess girls seem to dig that.
Hey there TomKat,
Hey did you know that you are weird? Yeah you two are freakin' weirdos! You do weird things and believe weird things! Hey Crazy...why did you have to make your girl so weird? Katie get out while you are still only a little crazy and while your alien still has a chance to live normal like the rest of us. Run...go back to Dawson while you still can...that is, if he will take the alien. If not leave it with Crazy. Hey Crazy...go back to your planet, weirdo.

Not wanting to mentioning my beliefs on the media or the effects of TV on your brain, I want you to know one thing... I think this is so silly. I will leave you with gift from me to you...your token topless hotty. Good night.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Time for a change...

I am going to be open with you...I am just going to say it...I don't really wear deodorant. I am serious. I rarely sweat, seldom do I stink, and so I just don't use it. Even when I was a big prego and was suppose to sweat more (especially during the summer) I maybe wore it a dozen times...and I am probably being generous. I have noticed lately though, now that I am working out more (ok, well, I am going walking/pushing Jones in the stroller) I might be a little sweaty...I don't know, it's not for sure. When I made this discovery I decided to start wearing deodorant, and do you know what I realized? I have had the same stick of deo for over 3 years! Sick! I promptly threw it away. The pickle is, now I have non to use. (how can one remember to buy it when they are so out of the habit of getting it at the store??) Should have thought that one out a little more.
So now here I sit...Without deodorant...writing instead of cleaning my house. What's a girl to do? Get some hygiene I guess.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Jones' surgery went great! He wasn't even sad to leave with the surgeons when they came to get him. Besides a little dizziness that causes him to just tip over now and then (which when you are a top heavy child seems to happen anyway) you can't even tell he had surgery. Thanks for all the concern and prayers.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I'll try not to do it too often...

I know, I know. I cannot use my blog to simply peddle pictures of my son. But cute is he?? (I love that he blows raspberries on the glass door!)

Please keep Jonesy in your prayers this Monday morning. He has ear tube surgery. It is a pretty basic not real invasive surgery, but with him beeing so young, the risk are much higher. Thanks! We will let you know how it goes!


That's right. My son's new favorite food. Popcorn beef AKA cooked hamburger. Doesn't he look like someone that should love beef?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Excuse me...I guess you didn't realize...What you are doing is killing you child! Oh well, I guess we are all ok with go ahead.

What I don't understand are people who smoke around their children. In the house, at the park, and especially in the car (you've seen them...sometimes they are kind enough to crack their window, but a lot of the times they seal their children in. Allowing them to only breath the left over air from their parents cancer stick.) I am cool with people doing what they want to themselves and making their own choices. It's their right as a person to decide what goes in their body. I even understand (sorta) why people smoke. But how can anyone choose to smoke with children in the same area as them? When their own children are in the same room? I mean, it's not 1920, people know what smoking does to you...They know what second hand smoke does to children...What the hell?? Have you ever been around a child of a smoker? Have you ever hugged them and then later not been able to get the smell of tobacco off your own body? Have you ever helped a 3 year old change and put on a pair of fresh smoke filled clothes? Or what about their lunch? Ever helped a child of a smoker open their PB&j, and realize their sandwich reeked of smoke? I have and I want to cry everything I see them take a bite.
My question is...Why is this ok? I mean, like I said above...if an adult wants to do that to themselves fine, whatever. But shouldn't that be child abuse? Shouldn't you get pulled over for smoking with your child trapped (strapped down) in the car if you get pulled over for driving without a car seat? Aren't they both dangerous for the child? Can't both potentially cause death? Are we sending the message to our children, "your parents are ok with giving you cancer and we are too. We wouldn't want to take away the rights of someone who is important." What about the rights of those who have no voice of their own? I bet if you asked a five year "Are you ok with dying from a disease so that your parents can do what they want?" They would probably say no...I don't know...maybe we should ask the child of a smoker?