Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The dilemma

I haven't been thinking of much lately. I mean, being sick and a mommy takes it all out of me...Mentally speaking. There is one thing that I have been pondering though and I thought maybe you all could offer some advice/suggestions.

I am growing my hair out. I hate it really. I love short hair and look better with it. But I have a dream...A beautiful dream...One that I am starting to doubt.

I love and want with my whole heart to have dreads. They are beautiful and I love them.

The Problem:
Dreads look really good on most people that have them. But a majority of those people are just naturally cool or have a certain look/style to them...I have neither of those things going for me. It seems to look fabulous in dreads you have to
A. Be a super cool hippy chick (like TJ)
b. Be funky Portlandy
c. Be Uber outdoorsie (you know what I mean by this)
d. Be 55 and have never brushed your hair as an adult

I am an average 20 something with no particular style. Average clothes, average mom. But I really love dreads. What is a girl to do? Can I still have these beautiful wads of hair and be plain old me? Is that what makes them so great?

So with no answer I continue to grow my average straight hair. Dreaming of the day I can have bad ass dreads. But should this day ever come? That is the question.