Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just a picture update

Here is my cutie girl. If you are wondering she has added about 4 more bruises to her face since these pictures were taken. I think she is up to 6 bruises and a scratch on her little face. She is a focused little risk taker and she has the marks to prove it!

And here is Jones doing one of his favorite things, art work at his art station. I think he might be gluing beads onto old cds here...I am never really sure what he is creating.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oh organization, how I long for the!!

My newest and oldest goal is to get organized. I feel as though I am only half doing so many things that I could do better if only I was organized. It is completely against my personality and being...but it must happen my friends! How is a girl to do it?? I have been convicted that first and foremost I need to pray about it. Since it is so extremely foreign to me, really the only way for me to be truly transformed is for God to intervene and change me from the inside out. Next I believe I need to take some action. But what? Anyone have any suggestions? Any tricks or systems I could implement? Any advice would be fabulous.