Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oh organization, how I long for the!!

My newest and oldest goal is to get organized. I feel as though I am only half doing so many things that I could do better if only I was organized. It is completely against my personality and being...but it must happen my friends! How is a girl to do it?? I have been convicted that first and foremost I need to pray about it. Since it is so extremely foreign to me, really the only way for me to be truly transformed is for God to intervene and change me from the inside out. Next I believe I need to take some action. But what? Anyone have any suggestions? Any tricks or systems I could implement? Any advice would be fabulous.



Kaydub said...

Yeah, I have some great advice: Relax. Sure, sure, being organized is a great idea, but, frankly, you'll have time in later years order your world. Right now you are raising two remarkable people, and so go ahead a putter around getting a bit more organized if you like, but it's better choice to have a little disorganization and children with character and integrity! Relax and enjoy those kiddos!

tabitha jane said...

i am not organized in the least, but i've made a commitment to be more responsible and on top of things . . . what i do right now is go through my pile (yep, it's a pile of bills, mail, receipts, to do lists, etc, that sits on my desk) at least once a week with my computer, my phone, my checkbook and my planner in front of me and go through each piece of paper in that pile. if it is urgent, i take care of it immediately. if it isn't so urgent, i'll take care of it if i have time. if it can wait, i'll put it on the new to do list that i am making out of the old to do list . . . and then i will check things off the list! that is the most rewarding. sometimes if i do something that isn't on the list, i will write it on the list so i can check it off.
after a few hours, i'll look at the list and see all the things i've checked off. then i'll recycle and shred any papers i don't need anymore and watch the pile shrink! also a nice feeling.

i'll put anything i need to take to the mailbox or the bank near my purse for the next day and hit those places up on my walk to or from work.

i promise. i'm a slob. this isn't a "system" like organizing websites advertize. but it's what has been working for me for the past few months. and i feel more on top of things than i have been in a long time.

plus, reading home organizing magazines has been sort of nerdishly inspiring. my favorite is called "details" it's really cool and even has a section devoted to greening up your house!

have fun!

use your blog to motivate yourself by reporting on small goals and acheivements you've made!

ok, i'm stopping typing now!

Jen said...

You need me. And Emma. Our favorite thing is to organize! I have also gotten to the point where, if it can't stay organized, then I obviously have too much. So I get rid of more. I'm not sure if my kids have anything left to play with but it's organized! Maybe Ben will let me ride the train down and back one weekend and we can organize...

Jen said...

Being organized doesn't mean that all the clothes are in the drawers where they're suppose to be or that the toys stay picked up. It just means that everything has a place, it's easily accessible, and it's enjoyable to "play" in. Some times we do our best to keep things tidy, sometimes we don't but... if we did, everything would fit somewhere. And not all cramped and jammed. 'Cause that's not "fun" at all.