Friday, January 19, 2007

My poor husband...

Hey guys,

I just wanted to ask if you could be praying for our family. With baby #2 coming and me being so sick, Ryan is carrying a big load. He is not only doing everything for the house on his own, but also working at Outback, with Renovatus, and taking on pretty much being a single parent (as well as taking care of my many needs and puking). We are already feeling the strain of this possibly long process…

Please pray that Ryan can have peace, energy, good rest, and emotional reserve.

Pray that I can feel better and can be the helper my husband is needing so badly.

Pray that sweet Jonesy can better adjust to the changes in our house and routine.

Thank you so much. I really value all of our blogmunity.

Friday, January 05, 2007

WELL...Here we go again.

About a week ago I started feeling sick. I mean...just like sick to my stomach, tired, know, normal "Ichy Feeling". I thought little of it until I realized that it was getting worse and that I would feel a little better if I ate food...Constantly. Finally I decided to go adn get a prego test at the local guessed it.
We are having another baby!

We have no idea when it is due...I thought maybe end of September (the nurse said that would mean I literally JUST got pregnant...She thinks Aug 27th...Which is 2 days after Jones' birthday!! Crap)...Apparently I have no idea about this sort of thing. Anyway, this was sort of unplanned, but not totally prevented (which I guess means planned). We were totally shocked because we were still considering if we would try this again. So...That's the big news. We are SO excited and very nervous. So far I am only a little sick. I sort of just feel sick all the time and am very tired. I haven't really thrown-up at all yet, but I do wake-up all night sick, so that sort of sucks to never get a break from it. So pray for us and for little Jonesy...I don't want him to have to be without a Mommy.

I decided to include a few shots from when this happened before...

This is me at 6 months, great face huh? (Notice the how I don't have any sick to do it...Lets hope not this time.)
Here I am (looking very happy, I might add) at I think around 9 months.