Sunday, November 02, 2008

Just some more pics...but they are of halloween so come on!

Here are a few pictures of Halloween. Indi of course had to be a cute little elf/fairy and Jones wanted to be a blue monster. The fairy costume was super simple to make, a pillow case sewn into a dress, a pair of wings and a flower ribbon for her hair. Super cutie. The monster on the other hand was a little tough. Jones had specific instructions for what it was to look like...Blue fur, green stripe around the middle, long tail, monster hands with orange claws, and orange pointy ears. It took some time and a little creativity, but after all was said and done the monster turned out pretty darn good. It was fabric that I loosely sewed onto a pair of footy pajamas, a pair of gloves with felt claws and a hood with ears. Fabulous.

Precious fairy girl

Scary blue monster

Daddy and Jones Carving pumpkins


Lori said...

Too too cute! Great job on the costumes, Jess!

Midge said...

that last picture is the best moment of my life.

Eric and Tara said...

AAH!! You cut his hair!! You did not inform me of this decision and I was wondering who the kid in the last two pictures was!! It looks great, he looks so clean cut and older! :(
Their costumes look SO good! Indi is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen and Jones is the funniest thing I have ever seen! Love it!!!

Jen said...

Couldn't stop laughing at Jones' costume idea. Was it my idea for you to carve a pumpkin with Jones this year?

Ashes said...

you guys are too cute. Lola really loved Jones' costume. You are such good parents, we didn't even buy a pumpkin this year. Lola will end up hating us, and your kids will have al sorts offond holiday memories. I guess taht is life!