Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I nailed it....I...Nailed it

I have for a long while now believed extremely in the ability and drive of young people. High-school, college-age, and young adults still have the freshness and dreams to achieve (disclaimer: not that I think older people do not have any of these things, just not in the same way as younger people). It is like they have yet to be tainted with "reality" and the thoughts of "what is...is". They have haven't quite been as programed to think that they have no control. They buy into the ideal that together we can change things. By just starting with one individual, anything can happen. I also think that these recent few generations are also some of the most apathetic generations of our time. I believe that while they have this possibility of being a driving changing force, they lack the motivation and obligation to really harness this great tool that is just sitting at their fingertips, begging to be utilized. And this is where I think Barak Obama proved his brilliance.

I have said to Ryan many times that believe the best fund raisers could really be college students. If we could inspire, they would achieve whatever the vision. I really do think this. The key is providing that vision. Inspiring, tangible vision, that includes their ownership and belief int their world changing ability. I think that the Obama campaign and election has proved this tonight. If I agree with Him or not, if I voted for him or not (which I didn't, but I didn't vote for McCain either!), I have to give him my respect for his realising this and using it so proficiently. He nailed it.
Give young people a vision...Yes We CAN
Give them something they can cling to and believe...YES we CAN
Make them feel they own it....Yes WE can
Touch their hearts and give them hope for the future...Yes WE CAN
Speak of unity...Yes WE can
Lead them without dominating them...YES WE can

And when you get the momentum going, let them loose and don't hold them back...YES WE CAN.



Midge said...

i'm going to complain here rather than on my own blog because you have the political post:

I am so incredibly annoyed at the fact that this is a historic (or aN historic) election because Barak Obama won.
Is anyone aware of who McCain's Running Mate was? That whole vagina thing? If I'm not mistaken, it would be pretty effing historic if he had won also, so... um.... quit saying that.

I'm good now.

tj who is probably pissing people off by typing this but it is late enough in the night that i am not thinking clearly. said...

Just cause both outcomes would have been historic, doesn't mean that we can't call the outcome that did happen historic. Cause it still is.

If McCain/Palin had won, we'd be saying the same thing . . . it be a pretty big deal . . . but it didn't happen . . . Obama won. And that's pretty historic. Either way. Historic historic historic. Our fave word of ever. :)