Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby milk, pacifiers, and blanket capes with utility belts.

Here has been Jones' take on Breast-Feeding:
Number 1:
J:"Daddy do you where baby milk comes from? The hospital."
R: "Really?"
J: (Laughing) "Not really! It comes from Mommy's boobs!"

Number 2:
J: "India eats baby milk. She licks mommy's boobs."

Number 3:
(India has been crying for just a minuet and I am trying to get Jones in the bathtub so I can go pick her up.)
J: "Mommy, India's crying. Pull your boob out and feed her!!"

Needless to say my son is very observant and slightly obsessed with breast-feeding. I know it is a natural thing and it's OK for him to be interested, but sometimes it gets a little awkward when he tells people that his sister licks his mom's boobs. Weird.

Time for a few pictures

Jonesy loves to lay down with Indi and he always wants to kiss her. What a sweet brother.

Here he is with his most treasured possesion...It doubles for best friend/blanket and "utility belt". He just just discovered the foot bath. Cute boy! India 10 days...she's a thinker. At five days she had to start with her pacifier (reflux issues), we decided this one was too big. Mommy looks tired, but naked pictures are classic


Lisa said...

I love that last pic... so cute.

Anonymous said...

why is the rest of your family so pasty? Is India really from India?

.... you know what Raj would say....

arwen said...

wow. anony. good one. Jerk face.

you son looks so old... it kind of makes me sad... but i like India. I like her bad.

Eric & Tara said...

i just love red bare buns. and fat little newborns who weigh like 29 lbs.

r1 said...

fat little newborns that weigh roughly 8 lbs when they are born and then quadruple their birth weight in a little under 3 weeks.

but who is at fault in THAT situation... eh? :)

Gina said...

Man, you've got yourselves some cute kids right there.

I love the last picture, too. So, so precious.

kristi said...

So cute. Keep posting pictures - I love them. Jones is a funny kid. It will be fun to see how he impacts his sister as she grows.

Chris Alexander said...

It's so easy to forget that Jones is barely over two: he acts so much older sometimes.

Indi. Indi! Indidindindindi! I love it. I love it so much it hurts. Indi and Jones. I think my life's goal is now to make Jones a doctor of anything: music would be cool, but as long as I can call him Doctor Jones. And Indi....indindindindi.

Rock and Roll!

arwen said...

i know ur busy with the kids and all, but consider this some "You Time"
time to remember who you are so that you are Jessica not just "Ryan's Wife" or "Jones and India's Mom" know what I mean?
I do this because I'm thinking of you.
Do some self reflection.
and tag. you're it.

Jen said...

I will quickly email you one of your family pictures just in case you haven't gotten them on disc and then you have to put it on your blog!

tabitha jane said...

look at you, you dreaded mamma!