Monday, September 15, 2008

Holy Chicken....

If you know much about my childhood, you might know that I grew up with chickens for a lot of the time. I really disliked them...a lot. I was scared of the roosters and despised the poop and smell. But because we...

a.)Have to much organic compost for my husbands worms. b.) We try to only buy only organic cage free eggs and they are very expensive. c.) We like the idea of our children being involved in the process of their food (for the ownership and knowledge of how it works.)

We are getting chickens. Actually we have already purchased them (they are remarkable cheap. Like $2 a piece.) and my mother has been raising them for us so we could skip the whole stinky baby chicken in the garage thing. We have hens and they will lay a multitude of colored eggs. 2 will lay brick red eggs, 2 blue or green eggs, and the other 2 your regular old brown eggs. Of course they are all the same inside, they just have colored shells. I am not sure when they will start laying, but when they do we shall have farm fresh eggs everyday and that is something a girl can get excited about! I think I shall even sell a dozen or so every week.

Jones started to name the chickens...the ones who have been named are as follows:
Chicken Bock
Cock Rooster ( he wanted to just name it cock and I was a little happy when he decided to add rooster onto it...I just don't want an animal named cock...know what I mean?)

the other two still need names and I cannot wait to find out what their names shall be.

When we get the the ladies home I shall take pics of them and the little red chicken house my hubby built and show everyone. It will probably be later this week.


Midge said...

CR makes me happier than anything could have possibly even tried today.

so very, very happy.

he's going to SO love that when he gets older.

Eric & Tara said...

This is a funny post...for a multitude of reasons...because you said, "When we get the the ladies home", because of Pip and Cock Rooster and Eggy, because you are going to have a cute little red barn in your backyard for you druggy friend to sleep in...I love chicken posts I guess!

tabitha jane said...

how cute are you?

Jen said...

I am so going to get chickens when we have a different house! I have tasted blue eggs and they tasted different to me. You'll have to give me your opinion.