Sunday, September 21, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes?

A couple of the things that Jones said this week...

"Your surgery was very very traumatic, huh daddy?"

"Daddy's surgery was traumatic because his balls are precious, right?"

"Jesus takes our hearts, but it is just a metaphor."

What the??? Who says words like traumatic and metaphor at 3 and actually uses them in the right context and knows what they mean. Weird.


Eric and Tara said...

A couple things Malak said this week:
and "duh"

So obviously, you are not the only one with a brilliant child.

Kaydub said...

My children say funny and clever thing ALL THE TIME! It's really, really funny.

Kaydub said...

Really, truly funny. I laugh all the time. They are hilarious.

Kaydub said...

Seriously. It's really clever, amusing stuff. And the people they married are also really funny.

Kaydub said...

PLUS ... the people that my children married are now raising some other people, and THOSE people are really really clever and funny and hilarious and amusing and stuff.

Kaydub said...