Friday, June 15, 2007

More names to ponder

Here is our list of potential names we are thinking about. Some are new, but most are old. Jen and Brenda called Ryan yesterday and suggested a pretty good name. It was a name that we had talked about in the past actually, but took it off the list because we thought it might be to trendy...we looked it up and while it is more trendy than a name like Jones, it is actually not used that much at all. So that one might be the favorite at this point. Oh, that name was India (I think we would call her indy or indy Jayne).

(This list is in no particular order.)
Imani = faith or belief
India = body of water
Presley = Priest clearing
Parker = Gamekeeper of a park
Harper = A player on the harp
Evelyn = desired
Evie= Life
Amelia = industrious
Eloise =sun

So Ryan and I were talking in the car today and my trip I took to Africa about 5 years ago came up. We were talking about all the animals that are in Africa and the ones that I saw while there...I saw dogs and cows. That's it. All I saw were ugly cows and lots of dogs. I was away from the rest of my group when they saw monkeys and other things while rafting down the Nile river and I was sick and couldn't go when they went on a trip to a game park and saw the real animals you want to see while in Africa (you know, hippos, lions, elephants...etc). What is up with that? Go all the way to Africa and only see dogs and cows? I guess I will just have to go back again sometime. I think I will take Ryan next time I go, I think he wold really like it there.

I have have another really good story about something I saw in Africa...I will save it for another post, but it is good.Seriously, this is a real dog. I just threw up...and I think you did too.



Jess said...

I can't believe I put that disgusting dog in my post. I think I might take him off.


arwen said...

yes. take it off... or at least make it a link so that the hidiosity is an option....

Funny that you blogged about Africa because today whilst at work, I decided that you should name her Uganda. Uganda Jayne. You love it. Don't fake like you don't.

i got off work at midnight. drank 4 shots round about 11. know what I did after i got off work? I went and took advantage of a true 24 hr fitness and i worked out and now I'm all jacked up on Mt Dew. Not really, but c'mon.... its 2 in the morning. I have to be to work in 11 hours that's hardly enough time to sleep.... I'd better get to bed.

think about it.

tara said...

first off- india. love it. ive always loved the name and it seems to suit you guys. it is defanitly my vote. well, india or gamekeeper of the park...either way.
second- if, in fact, that is a dog, im pretty sure it was seriously burned in a fire. but i think it may actualy be a demon. an actual, straight from hell little demon. im pretty positive. when we used to read "this present darkness" and thos types of books and they talked about demons...that is what i pictured. seriously.

arwen said...

why is it still there.

Chris Alexander said...

The worst thing about those dogs are the milky white eyes - the rest is gross, but the eyes, man, they eyes!!!!!

If you name your daughter India and Jones became a Doctor, you would have Indie and Dr. Jones! Yes!

tabitha jane said...

i really like imani . . .

that is such a gross picture.

Breanna said...

okay, you wrote this months ago, and i'm the lame chick who's still going to comment.

because, as someone who was A)on that same trip to africa and B)also sick and not where the real animals were, it still really annoys me to think about everything the others got to see, ESPECIALLY since i married one of them, who has pictures and stories and everything!! it really is no fair.

now, whenever ANYONE goes to africa, my first piece of advice is "take every stinkin malaria pill, and take it on time!"