Thursday, June 07, 2007


So, Ryan filled our van up with gas cost $80. That's right, 80 effing dollars!
I sure wish I owned an oil company right now and could make millions everyday off people having to have gas to get to their jobs and see their family. I sure wish I could have such control over everyone so as to charge an outrageous amount of money for something that doesn't really cost what I claim it costs me. I sure wish I was insanely rich and had lots of stuff and didn't care about anyone or anything but myself and my money and my only goal was to see how much stuff I could collect. Then I would be happy.


Chris Alexander said...

The day that I learned the government can make a gas station change the price of the fuel ALREADY IN THEIR TANKS was the day I knew something was effed up with how things are run.

Gas station buys gas on Monday for $1.15 a gallon wholesale, and charges $3.49 retail. The next day the goverment could call and say they have to charge $3.69 for the gas they paid $1.15 for two days ago! Lame!

(that's right, the Government can make phone calls! Not a person from the government, the Government itself can call you at any time!)

dodyb said...

I don't think the gas station guy on the corner makes that much profit on a gallon. do they?

Jess said...

I don;t think it is the gas station owners that make all the money. I think it is the big oil companies.

arwen said...

Chris.... I know you're rather new to this blogging world (like... several months new) but.... we call "them" The Man. Correct references will be greatly appreciated. By The Man.

In a protest of this matter (that I didn't know about ahead of time) I drove both to and from work today on empty. That'll show those bastards who's in control.


tara said...

ya, the crazy thing is that actual gas station owners make less than a penny per gallon, they only make a profit on the snacks and crap we buy in the minimart.
trust me guys i know.

Brahim Brahim said...

Let me tell you from a little different point of husband being Arab, his people run the gas stations as well as own the oil's a weird situation. Anyway, it sucks majorly due to the fact that all of his family is reaping the benefits of it costing me $65 dollars to fill up my Honda SUV and we are just getting screwed over. Family schmaly. I guess I should put a big black sheet over my head and move to Saudi Arabia, then I can take all of your guys money and like send it back to you or something. What do you think?

arwen said...

i like you Brahim. i like you bad.

that's what I think.

tabitha jane said...

i just wished my bicycle worked.