Friday, June 22, 2007

Mommy eat poop?

I know my last post was about Jones, but he is so darn funny these days, I can't help it.

Tonight I made him nachos for dinner. I put meat and whole pinto beans and cheese on them. When I set his plate in front of him it went something like this...

Jones: (starts crying), "No. No poop on Jones' nach-nos (Nachos)"
Jones: "no poop. No poop on Jones'"
Me: "That's not poop Jones. That is just beans and meat."
Jones: "No...poop. Poop on nach-nos" (More crying)
Me: "Jones mommy didn't put poop on your nachos. Look it is meat and beans, mommy is eating hers."
Jones: "mommy eat poop?"
Me:"no mommy doesn't eat poop. Do you want me to take off your beans and meat?"
Jones: "Yes. Poop off."

I picked off his "poop" and he started eating. He did however continue to bring it up frequently the rest of the meal, "no mommy, no poop jones' ".

What kind of a mom am I? My son thinks I put poop on his food. Crap.

Here are a couple of prego pics. Lovely huh?


Lisa said...

Man, you look massive....

No, no... you are so cute. If it wasn't so terrible for you, I'd say you should stay pregnant all the time.

Jones is a funny little guy isn't he...

tara said...

you are a missaive little girl, but man, youre still so high...its like the baby is up where your boobs should be or something...and i like it that way.

Jones said...

Hey God? No more poop... k?

oh.. and thanks for awen. She's real cool.

Kat said...

Again with the Jackie stories...(yawn)
She optionally wouldnt eat meat until she was almost 5 years old. I eat meat. There are no vegetarians in the family. She just didnt like it. Wouldnt eat it. To this day, at 23 years old, she only eats chicken & a little bit of burger. No steak, ribs, seafood.... she just doesnt like it!
Your body will let you know what you need by your cravings & hunger. If he is being fullfilled nutitionally already without the meat & doesnt want it, better for his digestion anyways! Just be sure & keep him full of high iron foods & he will thrive!

RoniZee said...

Whatever, I heard that you really do feed him poop. That's the word on the street.

arwen said...

it's totally true, Roni. I've seen it with my own eyes. Ryan threatened me.

So if I end up missing, I think that you should suspect Jess and Ryan of foul play. And by 'foul' play, I mean poop play.

tabitha jane said...

basically awesome. the story and your pictures. wow.
man, i am super bummed that i am going to miss the birth of this baby.

tabitha jane said...

how's the dreading coming? can't wait to see a blog about it!!! :)

Jess said...

Arwen just finished the last dread at like 10:15ish. Now I am officially dreaded....the dread pirate Arwen likes to say.

I will post pictures tomorrow of the process and the final product.

Chris Alexander said...

I think when I was in LA I was served some nachos that really DID have poop on them. Don't eat from a truck that sells tacos.

Arwin, poop play is foul play.

Jones, you have to try the nachos at Casa Grande - they are totally poop-free.