Saturday, October 28, 2006

You are so stinking kills me!

Jones is a monkey for Halloween and it is ridiculous how cute he is in his costume...He even walks like a monkey!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wonka down, wonka down!

It is true. The last wonka...the last remaining pair died a tragic death this week. The cause...Death by Purse. It is in fact the same way all the other wonkas left this world...It really was fate. This death is tragic, more so then you might realize. It ends an era. Not a long era, but glorious one. A time when wonkas united and created something that could last...Something that would last....or so we thought. We think this no more. Not with this finally passing. And so with this in mind I say good-bye. Good-bye old friend. You who shaded not only my eyes, but my entire face. You who were so large that you kept anyone from ever knowing I had eyebrows or even a forehead. You who can never be replaced. Good-bye forever. I love you!

If you would like to leave a shout out to the wonkas...any wonk you may do so on this post. I believe that even though they are gone, the wonkas can still hear us and will be blessed to be missed. Please be reverent.

Oh and P.S. Sorry about the car picture. I didn't mean it to alarm anyone, I just didn't have a picture of my car, so I googled a wrecked silver car. Ooops...should have thought that through a little bit more. Anyway, my car is smashed, but not that smashed.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The final update...

So here is the latest news...

Jillian's visit to the cardiologist went very well. She does have a couple
of abnormalities but they are in the acceptable range. And unless they were
to get a lot worse at some future time she doesn't have to worry about them.
Some of the blood work has indicated that she has had a virus and so is most
likly run down from that. He feels that most of the syptoms are due to
stress. That she needs to do only 10 things instead of 30. Also that she
needs not to try to save the WHOLE world but maybe just herself and one or
two other people. She is able to return to work with the understanding that
she is to make choices and say "no" sometimes. Thank you so much for your
prayers on her behalf. She is so blessed to have so many people who love
and care for her.

Thank you again!


So that is good news! Yeah Jillian and yeah God!

Now onto other things...
I have a terrible neck-ache! Jones and I got in a car accident today and now I am pissed...What once was a pretty awesome car (You know a silver Hyundai Accent, just about the coolest car you can get.) is no longer so. It has a completely smashed hood and front bumper. Add that to the fact that it is scary to crash with your child (he is ok but has abrasions on both sides of his neck from the shoulder straps of his car seat.), especially when they get scarred and scream! What started with me being in Portland, looking, trying to see if I had come to the right street, ended up with a rear-ending. My fault. The car in front of the one I hit slammed on their brakes, then he slammed on his and I sorta slammed on mine, but mostly I just plowed into him. Ooops! The moral of this story is...never look to see if you really need to turn, just turn. That's it, just turn and hope it works out good. THE END

Friday, October 13, 2006

Jilli McJillerson

So here is some news about Jilli before I go out of town...When I get home, hopefully I can go into more detail. Here is the email from my mom:

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

Praise God! The Echocardiogram results for Jillian have come back with a
much better result then the first EKG indicated. There is some sluggishness
in the valve going into her heart. But it is only a little under the normal
varriance. The fact that she is still having symptoms however has the
doctors a little concerned. She is to under go a fasting blood panel on
friday and a stress EKG on Tuesday of next week. Then she is to see a new
cardiologist sometime the end of the week. From some of the blood work that
was done before there is some indication that it might be a virus of some
kind but nothing is certain until the new blood work results are in. She has
been released from "bed rest" and is allowed to go about life but no work
until all the tests are in and she is to REST. She is very releived about
being able to do a few more things. Thank you so much for your prayers and
good wishes. Please continue to hold Jillian up before God. She is still
VERY tired and run down. Her chest still hurts from time to time and she is
still ALWAYS cold, sometimes with blue finger nails.

Thank you all again,


Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where is that thin line between action and bullshit?

All the comments on Lisa's blog made have a couple thoughts that I typed out real quick...I don't know if you agree with them. It is just my reaction to what I was reading there and what I have been thinking lately about our society in America. I am planning very soon to write another post about the media(I know you are all very excited about is really all my readers favorite topic that I touch on...), and many of theses thoughts that I throw out there might be touched on in the blog to come. But this is just some ramblings...what do you think?
In America I think that the majority of people are not taught to think for themselves. We are coming to a time when most people have always had an over abundance and so are becoming lazy. Lazy in many ways, lazy not just in the physical sense. We are taking for granted the power and the place we are. We are lazy in our minds and the majority of people think not for themselves, but just the thoughts of those before or maybe even worse the thoughts the media gives us. The few who chose to think for themselves are lazy in another way, it seems. We have these strong opinions, we have these beliefs, we call out others on their poor judgment or their awful beliefs, but what do we do about it? A large number of young people don't vote, but a huge majority have very strong opinions about what is right. A scant amount of young people are socially active in their community but they have opinions that they openly share about the evils of our government and the things which people in power should do. Which seems worse? Which seems more hypocritical? The people who have political views which I do not agree with, but who take action on their beliefs , or the people who write articles, blogs (this is totally not talking about Lisa, but just peoples blogs in general), and complain verbally about their beliefs, but it stops there. They have no action. Just bull shit. Isn't that what it makes it? If I have an opinion, a standard of living that I want to hold others too, but only talk about makes it bullshit. And not just plain bullshit, it makes it hypocritical, unintelligent bullshit. I want to challenge people, not just people, but myself to think of a few things...

Do I have rights to complain and judge others about things, political, religious or otherwise if I myself am doing nothing to be proactive in that area?

Do the things I say I believe show in my life? Or do I say one thing and do another, or nothing at all?

Do I really know why I believe what I do. Did I form this thought on my own, with education and with checking my biases, or am I just spewing words and thoughts that others have fed me?

I feel so frustrated by what I feel is a lack of interest in finding information and deciding on things for one's self ( I think in Lisa's post Tara touched in this topic). I also am becoming more and more frustrated by what I see as the a selfish and lazy way of thinking that is becoming America's norm. Do we as a society hold people to truths? Do we challenge what is fed to us (mainly here I am talking about through the media ~news, commercials, reality show, ect...~ But I also think that what we are taught in school, our religious facilities, families, needs to be thought through) and decide what we believe?
How do thoughts like this effect me personally? How can I as a person come away from a written thought like this and live out what I have typed only in theory. How can I keep myself from creating my own personal hypocritical bullshit?

**How many times can one say bullshit in one post??

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hair....that word is sorta sick huh? Hair...ewww.

I need a new hairstyle and I need one bad! I haven't gotten a hair cut in like 4 months and I am going crazy! I need something a little fun and little funky, something super hot and super chic. So what do you suggest? I am up almost anything, except for long...I wont go there. I need color and cut advice...I am almost all natural color and I can't stand it much longer. Give me advice and give it fast.

Here is one idea I came up with...too bold? Too Crazy? Or Super Hot Mama?! What do you really think?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jillian Dear

So one of my sisters, Jillian (She is the tall, thin, beautiful one...Oh wait that is both of my sisters!) lives in Australia as a missionary. She loves it and works really hard. She also, just for the record has a really sweet boyfriend named Mark...and guess what ladies he has a real authentic Australian accent. How cute is that?!? Anyway, the real reason I making this post is not to tell you all about my sister's boyfriend (I just had to add that...what girl doesn't want a boyfriend with a hot accent?), but to ask for prayers for her. I will give you a copy of the email my mom sent out:

Jillian has been in Melbourne for three weeksrepresenting AIM and working with the church there. She has not beenfeeling well for several weeks and so went to the doctor. Test were done,including an EKG and it was found that she has something seriously wrongwith her heart. The test was not detailed enough to give much informationjust that there was something wrong and her heart was not pumping all theblood from one of the chambers. Much like a 70 year olds persons, is whatshe was told. Jillian and the coordinator at Gosford decide it would be bestfor her to return to Gosford so that she could see a specialist in Sydneyand have more detailed tests. She flew there yesterday and had anechocardiogram. The results will be sent to the Doctor in 5 working daysand she will see the cardiologist them. Please pray for an accuratediagnosis. Pray for Jillian's strength and peace of mind. She is justresting in the Lord right now but is a long way from home and a littlenervous. If you want to send her prayers and love send your e-mails if you have questions please send those to me Thank you so much for your love and prayers onbehalf of our daughter.

So as you can see, my 20 year old sister is having some major heart problems and needs everyones prayers! I will keep everyone updated. Thank you!