Friday, October 13, 2006

Jilli McJillerson

So here is some news about Jilli before I go out of town...When I get home, hopefully I can go into more detail. Here is the email from my mom:

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

Praise God! The Echocardiogram results for Jillian have come back with a
much better result then the first EKG indicated. There is some sluggishness
in the valve going into her heart. But it is only a little under the normal
varriance. The fact that she is still having symptoms however has the
doctors a little concerned. She is to under go a fasting blood panel on
friday and a stress EKG on Tuesday of next week. Then she is to see a new
cardiologist sometime the end of the week. From some of the blood work that
was done before there is some indication that it might be a virus of some
kind but nothing is certain until the new blood work results are in. She has
been released from "bed rest" and is allowed to go about life but no work
until all the tests are in and she is to REST. She is very releived about
being able to do a few more things. Thank you so much for your prayers and
good wishes. Please continue to hold Jillian up before God. She is still
VERY tired and run down. Her chest still hurts from time to time and she is
still ALWAYS cold, sometimes with blue finger nails.

Thank you all again,


Have a great weekend!


tara said...

yay! thats so exciting! god is so good.

dodyb said...

We will keep praying for Jilly

Gina said...

I'm so glad you all got some good news! I hope that the test results just keep getting better and better!