Monday, July 24, 2006

Private Parts

My brother's son Koletin is 3. He is a crazy little guy, a boy through and through. And, like any boy is obsessed with his penis. He's gone through all the stages, driving it around like a stick shift, pulling it out to flash people, asking questions about it, you know, boy stuff. He has however, not really ever paid much attention to his testicles...until the other day. Here's what it looked like: (Koletin=K mom/Ciara=M Dad/Jeremy=D)
K: (In the tub) Hey mom look (points to testicles) There is something in there!
M: Yes Koletin there is.
K: What are they?!
M:They are your balls
K: My balls! I have Balls! What are they for?!
M: Yes you have balls. You need to ask your dad when he gets home what they are for.
Later Jeremy gets home from work
K:Hey dad guess what? I have balls!
D: Yes Koletin you do.
K: What are they for dad? What are my balls for?
D: Well when you get to be a big boy your balls will make you a man.
D: yes Koletin, your balls make you a man.
K:You know what dad? Everyone has a butt.
D:yes Koletin, everyone has a butt.
K:And all boys have penises.
D:Yes all boys have penises
K:And all girls have penises??
D: No, girls have vaginas Koletin.
K: Girls have BAGINAS!
D: Yes girls have vaginas
K:Dad! boys have penises, girls have baginas, and everyone has a butt. huh dad?
D: Yes Koletin that's right.

Two days later (he had been talking with mom about how God made him and gave him a penis)
K: you know what mom? I have balls
M: Yes Koletin you have balls.
K: I have balls because Jesus gave them to me.
M: What?
K: Jesus gave me balls.

To that my dear friends I say Amen....Because it can't get much better than that.


Gina said...

Auntie Jess, he's going to love you for that post in about 10 years. I think you should have it framed and give it to him for his 13th birthday.

dodyb said...

Jess, that is sooo cute!! He is right you know...

arwen said...

"Thank you Jesus for Mommy and Daddy and my balls. And for the naked marine with the penis. Amen."

even though I knew what happened at the end, I still laughed out loud... hard... for a long time...

Kaisa said...

I laughed out loud too... my witches' cackle of a laugh that means something was truly funny. Thanks for making my day!!

tara said...

LOLOL i think that is what jones will be like in a few years.

rebecca marie said...

those kinds of conversations are HYSTERICAL. i really should have been documenting the ones in my household along the way. they are priceles...

kristi said...

I love the innocence of kids. Bet you can't wait till you get to answer all those questions!

tabitha jane said...

that's the best post ever!! i laughed OUT LOUD at work! :)


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