Friday, August 04, 2006

I need a little any ideas?

(Jonesy less than 24 hrs. old, almost a year ago!)
So I just accidentally posted just a title. I thought that was funny, so I left it. Ha. It is still making me laugh and I don't know why.
On to the help that is needed...

My son is turning one this month (I am very excited and yet a little disturbed by the fact that I will soon have a toddler. What the crap am I doing with one of those?) and I am have birthday party for him. It will be at the park that we love and go to several times a week. It is on a Sunday afternoon (the 20th to be exact). The park is usually pretty busy then, but it is the only time we can have it. It's 2-4:30/5:ish. (By the way you are all invited if you want to come...though not many of you live close.) It will be snacks and bubbles and some kind of cute know a 1 year old b-day. I am having trouble with a theme! I know, I know, there wont be much to have a theme with (it's outside, just pretty much just the cake, invites, and table decor will be themed.), but it is the first one and it has to be a good one. I don't want the usual...Pastels, pooh, ect. Here are my thoughts so far:

Pirates (ex:skull and cross bone cup cakes)
Bugs(ex:Caterpillar cake)
Puppies (Just because he loves them...but it is almost too trendy for me)
Farm yard style(Chick cake)
???? (Coolest coloring page ever!)

See not much. I need something good...and I need it by like Monday/Tuesday by the latest. The sooner the better. The person who gives the best advice gets a prize...I am not sure what it will be yet...but it will be good. Real. Good. Think my little bloggers think!


KK said...

You could have a park theme. A teeter-totter cake.

You could have a picnic theme. A basket cake with that famous red and white plaid table cloth and cups and such.

You could have a spots theme. this might be too trendy, but there are tons of decotations for this. Just pick a ball for the cake!

You could have a tailgate party at the park, and make it a base ball theme. Have hot dogs, craker-jacks and peanuts, and pop! pass out base ball cup-cakes! fun times with this one for decorations too!

You could have a fiesta in the park! With a pinata and loud colored stuff for decorations, and a hat for the cake.

just a few ideas... I hope I win a prize if one of them gets picked! See you at church on Sunday!


KK said...

oh! for the baseball theme you could make the invites a ticket to the game! Oh, SO CUTE!

Jess said...

You my friend have lot of ideas...good of which just might be the one...we shall see!

arwen said...

Oh. My. God. You have to have a presidential themed party. Ryan could wear a suit and you could wear a blue dress. Ifin you have a President Birthday, I will miss work and risk loosing my job to come to the par-tay.

On a more serious note, you know how much I would love to have the catepillar cupcakes... c'mon. you know you love the idea. Don't make it too hard on yourself. Look at the toys he loves: The Platy Whattie? (does he still have that?), he loves his books, he loves "more food mama", he loves puppets, um... what else... he loves TV, ooohhh a TV cake would be so deliciously ironic. Just think of all the nerdy toys he likes and you'll come up with something really great. Like the blowfish... what if you had a tropical fish party... then you could get a bunch of Nemo stuff and call him Michael Clownfish. Brilliant.
Soccer. Give him a soccer themed party. He has a shirt. You have a shirt. Ryan has a shirt... you could decorate with red and yellow flags, have soccer balls, ohhhh... that is my favorite idea. It's a little stereotypical boy party, but how fun!

tara said...

im thinking that you should go with the paris hilton themed party. you could have lots of fun activities for the babies like, spray on tans, you could give them all little hair extensions, and have boob shaped cake- afterall, thats jones' favorite!
let me know if im the winner!

Jess said...

Boob cake...interesting

KK said...

Oh, I like tara's idea the best! SHE should win the prize! Remember in that friends episode when rachel was having a bunny theme for emma's first birthday and the cake was a HA!

good times with those friends of mine! good times!

BOOB cake! I want to see pictues of Jone's boob cake! (the actual cake Jess... not you!

see you sunday!

tara said...

thanks kara, i knew a true friend would realize the beauty of that idea!

rebecca marie said...

honestly? don't spend ANY money on decorations. not for birthday one. i went ALL out on the first one year old party at my house, it was a kick-bitt star wars party. even stars hanging from the ceiling. i knew trevin wouldn't know, but i thought at least he'd like the pictures later. he just shrugs. i say wait til around birthday number three to go for it.

plain old crepe paper (for jones to wad up and roll around in) balloons (for him to squeeze and sit on) and two cakes. one for him and one for the family.

that's my best advice.

but just so you know? if someone had given me that advice? i wouldn't have followed it. i still would have gone all out.

Jess said...

Rm, I am not going all out for his party. I just need killer theme and Oh-So-Cute invites. That's all

rebecca marie said...

whew. you am so smrt.

marmme said...

o,k Jess,- well, here is some of Kevin's ideas - a celiac's birhtday party - outback brownies, celiac/birthday T-shirts, string the bean cereos into necklaces,and pin the tail on the glutton-free donkey - his other idea is a slumber party where they could put each other's diapers in the freezer, stay up late and watch scary barney movies, put someone's hand in warm water so they will wet their diaper, eat food that is bad for you like strawberries, corn, wheaties, and red food dye.

Ok, my ideas pale in light of his, but i still vote for the Puppy party. But Jones will love whatever you do as long as he has wrapping paper to tear!

jeb & pris said...

Hey Jess, my friend Jenny just showed me this website with all sorts of good & practical ideas and party themes for different ages. I am all excited about it now!!! And I realize you may have already found this website, but here it is anyways:


Anonymous said...

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