Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some things that Jones has said that past couple weeks: (for those of you that don't know, Jones is my 3 year old, he is his own person and i love him for it, but he does keep me very busy!)

J: Dad, I was going to go to Africa and shoot some gorillas with my gun, but gorillas are endangered species...did you know that dad?
R: yes i did
J: I think I will go to Africa and shoot and kill the AIDS Crisis instead. Maybe I will also adopt a little boy too!
R: that is a great idea.

Scene: Jones wants to do something and I am not letting him. We have been discussing it for a while:
J: Mom I just don't like your protest to me!
Me: What?
J: I just don't like when you protest against me!

J: Mommy I just peed out of my anus!
Me: your anus is your bottom hole Jones
J: Oh right. I just peed out my urethra
Me: Glad to hear that Jones

J: daddy what did they cut your testicles open with when you had your surgery?

Scene: TT (Tara) sent Jones and Indi some cuffs and Jones was very excited. He wore them non stop (even to bed) for almost a week.

J: Look at my fancy cuffs! I am so fancy...I am a rockstar!
Me: you are fancy?
J: yeah rockstars are fancy

Jones and I are talking together
J:mom are you joking? Are you joking my serious?
Me: What?
J: Are you joking my serious?
Me: I guess so, becasue you look very serious and I am really joking.
J: I thought you were

Jones walks up to me and randomly says
J: mommy, my face is always just being me.
Me: (unsure of what to say) Yes Jones
He continuest o look at me for an akward 10 seconds or so and then he walks off. I am still unsure what that one meant.


Lori said...

He seriously talks like that. Unbelievable! He's a genius. So cute.

Eric and Tara said...

You have told me these before...but I am still laughing out loud...really hard.

Kaydub said...

How does one NOT joke Jones' serious?! I laugh a lot ... but not until he's out of the room!

tabitha jane said...

oh my . . . this is perfect. absolutely perfect.

Amy said...

ha ha ha 5 am laughing so hard!

BreAnna said...

Oh my! I woke up Walter Croncat (my cat) with my laughter from reading these. I love that he knows the word "urethra."