Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I need a few good soup recipes. Any kind really...I just want to change things up in my soup department.

Here is the criteria:

It must not contain-
noodles or other glutenous matter (unlike the picture above)
cream bases if they include dairy
dairy at all actually

It can include-
any lentil or bean your heart desires
lots and any blend of veggies
meat, but probably not pork

Please suggest away!


Anonymous said...

give me an email addy and I will send one your way!


James Wood said...

Ok, this recipe breaks some of your precious rules, but I think it could be easily modified to work for you.

I would replace the flour with corn starch (it's just there to thicken), and I would replace the milk with soy or rice milk.

This stuff is really tasty and hearty, we love it.

Eric and Tara said...

I do minestroni and also a torrilla soup that is glorious. Both are super duper easy and delish. Let me know if you want recipes. Oh we also have a great chili recipe that's Candida friendly.

jess said...

Yes, I would love recipes. jonesandindia at gmail dot com

I don't know why you are suppose to write your email like that in your comments, I just noticed that is how it is done. It's kind of weird...anyone know why you do that?

Anonymous said...

so spammers like me can't easily find it ...bwahhahahahaha

tabitha jane said...

butternut squash and apple soup:

half and onion or more
one butternut squash
two apples
two big carrots
vegetable broth (i used a box of the 365 whole foods brand)
earth balance "butter"
vegan bullion cube
brown sugar
maple syrup
garlic cloves

chop up half an onion or more and throw it in your crock pot (mine was set on "high - 6 hours") with a few tablespoons of vegan butter (earth balance) and a veggie bullion cube.
use a garlic press (or chop the garlic up) to smash at least 5 cloves of garlic. add to pot.

while this melts and gets all yummy, chop up the butternut squash. get rid of the seeds and peel (i don't like leaving the peel on because it's hard to chew - compost them if you can!). peel and chop apples and carrots. add them all to the pot.
add enough veggie broth to cover ingredients (i used the whole box). add water if you need too.

if i were to make this again, i would add another apple and at least one more carrot to make the soup thicker.

season to taste with:
cayenne pepper, chili powder, cumin, basil, sage, turmeric, pepper, thyme . . . whatever you want. i don't really remember what i put in. but i KNOW i used a lot of cayenne and cumin. add seasonings gradually over the next few hours . .. it releases the flavors in a yummy way. i added three tbsp brown sugar and about 1/8 cup maple syrup about an hour before it was done cooking. i'm sure you can add it whenever. this makes it sweet and spicey (plus the apples).

when everything is all cooked up and soft and tastes the way you like it to, you can either serve it up just as it is, all chunky-like or you can get out your hand mixer (or blender) and mash it all up into a blended soup. that's what i did. but i left a few chunks. delish.

we ate it with bread. i added more cayenne to my bowl. refridgerates for at least a week . . . not sure how much longer . . . soup never really makes it that long in my house.

if you make this soup this way, it is vegan so any of your friends can eat it! if you aren't worrying about making it vegan, you can add honey instead of maple syrup. if you want it to be creamier, you can add soy or rice milk or regular milk or cream to the soup as well. or even stick a can of coconut milk in there - yum!

there you have it. enjoy!

Jess said...

Tabitha...that sounds AMAZING!

Angel said...

This was looking good to me yesterday and I'm sure you can make it work!

tabitha jane said...

did you make it? did you like it?

Lucky said...

I'll give you some advice on chicken soup, I hate to call it a recipe, since vegetables are seasonally available (especially local and organic), and the amount depends on the number of people.

There are two keys to chicken soup: broth and celery.

The best broth is actually turkey stock, but they don't sell it in stores. If the coming season leaves you with some, use it with chicken, which retains more of its moisture. The next best broth is homade chicken stock and the third best is Campbell's chicken broth (all of the others I've tried have either added preservatives or flavors that obscure the natural flavor).

Now, it is okay to include celery directly in the soup, but if you only include an amount that looks good, you will miss the best flavor. The solution: either cook the cut celery and then strain out the bulk, or use a garlic press (a juicer might work, but I don't have one).

Veggies with sweeter flavors (tomatoes, carrots etc.) should be cooked separately and strained before adding immediately before serving, otherwise the sweetness will overpower the other flavors.

Diced tomatoes can be added without straining or heating two minutes before serving to preserve some of the texture.

Choose two or three veggies, but do not use potatoes. If you want to feel like you have some noodles, remove the pulp and seeds yellow squash or zucchini and slice to your preferred size.

Chicken should be cooked in your preferred fat (natural butter, for flavor, mixed with vegetable oil works for me), cook through, it does not need to be browned (that changes the flavor a bit). Then cut and pull apart to desired size.

Spice to flavor with black pepper and kosher salt, which makes flavor control easier. Try it simply (without exotic spices, garlic or onions) before you try to adapt it, I try to use the natural flavors to their best ends and these flavor overwhelm all of the others.

1/2 serving of chicken per person
1 part Campbell's Chicken Broth
2-3 parts water
1 serving of veggies per person

You can cook the chicken in the bottom of the pan you intend to use for soup while you prepare the veggies (you can simmer for much longer if desired). If the chicken is not finished when you are ready to begin adding broth, you can leave it cooking whole in the soup and cut it up later.

Add vegetables that take longest to cook fist (carrots and sweet veggies in their own water). cook until the toughest veggies are the texture you desire.