Thursday, December 18, 2008

True Story

Ok so here is the scene:

We (my little family) are all driving in the car. I am really frustrated about something (like a project I was working on kept messing up...I don't remember exactly.). I have been talking about it to Ryan for over 5 minutes when I say, "I am just so angry".

From the back seat Jones says, "you should talk to Jesus"
M: What Jones?
J: You should talk to Jesus.
M: That's a good idea
J:Mommy is your heart filled with anger?
M: Yes, i guess so.
J: is it filled with jealousy too?
M: Mostly anger.
J: You need to talk to Jesus and ask him to fill your heart. Fill it with Him and with love.
M: You are right. I should pray to Jesus about it.
J: You don't have to pray. Just have to talk to Him. Ok...
M: Right now?
J: Yes mommy, right now. Ask Jesus to fill your heart.
I then prayed in the car that Jesus would fill my heart with him and Love and take away my frustration. We then moved on to a theological discussion over if praying to God and talking to God are the same thing or not...I am not sure what we decided in the end. (In some discussions he (Jones) cannot be swayed. He still strongly insists that John Denver wrote Eleanor Rigby and the Beatles just covered it, no matter what evidence I show him!)

How precious and awkward all at the same time. It really is amazing though how simple most things with Jesus really are and how we forget sometimes he is right there to talk to. (you don't have to pray...duh.) I am glad that we have our children to teach us how to have a real relationship with God, one uninhibited by all our rules and independence.


arwen said...

nature or nurture. this is what i ask myself every day of Jones' life.


who IS this kid!?

Lori said...

How freaking cute. Your son is a genius. I can't believe I haven't seen him since he was a few months old. Big boy.

Lori said...

Oh, and I added you to my blogroll. And I'll be giving you a shout out on Wed. of next week.

Anonymous said...

Is Jones human or machine? I loved the story. Grace.