Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Killer Spider Part 2

As I am sitting here in the bedroom, not doing much of anything (except waiting for a knock at my door and a giant man size killer beetle to walk through), I have had a few realizations about what has transpired at my house in the past 30 mins.

First: the thing that I noticed immediately after posting, was the fact that at the very moment I felt the urge (might I say strong survival need) to check on the creature behind me, was at the exact time he started to fly. Coincidence? I think not. Do you know why? Because anyone would have turned...I swear I could actually hear his mammoth wings as he took flight.

Second: Once you have lost a predator it is a bad idea to leave a room and turn off all the lights on your way...especially if you are going to have to go back into that room! (what can i say, it wastes energy to leave lights on! Just because that t bug has a nasty foot print, it doesn't mean I have to have one as well!)

Third: I blame my Christmas tree for all of this. I am never getting one again.

Fourth: Sometimes I am a little extreme and act out of impulse.

Fifth: I will more than likely get a Christmas tree again next year.

Sixth: The good news (besides Jesus and his kingdom of course...that's a given) is that Arwen is coming over to be with me (I had to be a brave mom and leave the room we were hiding in...Jones had to go to bed and I think I was bothering him) and she mentioned something about a sword. Well it is going to take one to slay this beast if he ever comes out of hiding.

To be continued....

I just found the bug....and I think he likes red...guess who is wearing a red head scarf?!


arwen said...

i give you my word as a blogger, and a fellow bug hater, all things posted here are the truest of all true facts.

Eric and Tara said...

You have just made my morning with this gloriously funny post- Killer Spider part 1 and 2. I loved them. Although, I am sorry you had to endure such hardships while the men folk were gone.

Do you think it is a coinsidence that my word verification was "consign"? I think the Lord wants me to take some things to the consignment store. Obviously.

Mrs. Santos said...

I am assuming you survived...unless, of course, it has taken over your bodies and is controlling your minds- that does not count as survival. I hope it is the former.

tabitha jane said...

but how did the story end?!?