Sunday, December 14, 2008

Indi Jayne what crazy hair you have...

My sweet baby has soft fluffy curly hair. Some days it is has precious ringlets and other days it resembles Richard Simmons. One thing that is true mater how tight the ringlets or how fluffy the puff, she always has a wad in the back that is tangled. Her she is in all her glory. Christmas tree hunting

Reading with Arwen

Sneaking into the bath before her clothes were removed

Just waking up from a nap...such lovely hair

Half way between puff and ringlets

Again, just gotten up from nap

Doesn't quite show it...almost a good ringlet shot


Lori said...

Oh my goodness. She's sooooo beautiful!!

Jess said...

Thanks. Actually we just got your Christmas card yesterday...Abi is such a little doll! She has the sweetest smile ever!

Ashes said...

I love her hair. She is beautiful. It looks like you or Indie loves the green dress... me too. Can I have it back when she grows out of it? Okay. Oh, and Lola didn't have a sunburn... she is just pink

Midge said...

i like her.

i like her bad.

Jess said...

Yes you can totally have the green dress back. I will put it in my bag of clothes that is returning to you. I think most of those pictures in the green dress were taken the same day...her hair changes that much. But yes, I do love the green dress too!

Oh Lola has natural red lips and now pink cheeks too! That girl will never have to wear make-up.

tabitha jane said...