Saturday, November 24, 2007

China Town

This is my son at "school". Actually this is my son "I at chool. Chool in China Town. My chool is down in China Town."


Speaking of perfect....Some new pictures of India....cutest thing EVER!


arwen said...

i like that both of your kids were snuggly tonight.
and i especially liked that time I threw India into her swing from across the room-- nay-- from JONES' room.
and missed.
and that time I threw Jones into the wall of his chool? crap.
i'm a bad friend.

Steve said...

Are we still blogging antagonists, or can I stop by here and there to say hello? I promise not to talk about tattoos or Matt's flossing habits. Okay?

Gina said...


I LOVE them!

Jen said...

Cutest ever. i would eat them if I could.

Blog Administrator said...

wow! your new profile is AWESOME!

Chris Alexander said...

I can't WAIT until I can play Fort with Audrey!

(girls can play Fort too, what of?)

arwen said...

dads are the BEST fort players!

Priscilla said...

your son is hilarious...and I don't even know him except for what you write on your blog! and your baby girl looks so precious!