Monday, December 10, 2007

Books and Boogers

We have a bed-time routine with Jones. Every night this routine starts with getting on pjs, brushing and flossing his teeth and then reading 3-4 books. Generally we read things like "where the wilds things are" or "Murmel Murmel Murmel." Tonight Jones picked out his own books and this is what he brought me and had me read excerpts out of...

"The Autobiography of George Muller"
"Secrets of The Vine" By: Bruce Wilkinson
"Around the World in Eighty Days" By: Jules Verne
"The One Year Bible" NLT Version.
And "Guess How Much I Love You" by: Sam McBratney (this one is actually a children's book.)

It was the funniest thing ever. He just sat there and listened while I read him diary entries of George Muller or pieces of Revelation. He was so serious about it all that I could hardly read it to him without laughing.

...Continuing on with his routine...After reading we then walk to him bed and tuck him in by turning on his music and night light. We then pray, say his bible verse and sing 2-3 songs together. During the last song something happened tonight which I will never forget. I am singing to him and he is picking his nose (like any 2 year old would), he pulls out a big nasty booger and instead of eating it reaches up and sticks it in my mouth!! I kid you not!
Moving on because I have nothing else to say about that.

Bad news is that poor little Indi has Pneumonia and an ear-infection and had to spend half the night int he emergency room last night (good news is that Arwen came and slept at my house so Ryan could go with me! Yeah for Arwen!). She wasn't bad enough to have to stay, but the poor little dear had to have the whole works while there. She was rushed to the Critical Care room and then hooked up to an oxygen machine, EKG machine, some breathing machine thing, she had an IV and had to have a chest X-ray. She is feeling a little better today and is on antibiotics that will hopefully clear everything up real quickly because they caught everything very early on.
Good news is when we got our Christmas tree is was snowing the biggest most beautiful flakes you have ever seen! Check out these was a beautiful winter wonderland!


Kat said...

Snowfalkes in the mouth are MUCH better than boogers! Love that pic! With his choice of literature, it is very possible you have an up & coming genius on your hands!

Couch Surfer said...

i love your family.

even if you eat your son's boogers.

Jennifer & Filipe said...

That booger thing was the funniest thing I have ever heard. I guess it means you have taught him not to eat his own boogers. I hope India feels better soon! We'll be praying for you guys.

ben said...

I have to confess. When we were at McDonald's that Saturday morning I took Jones to the side and whispered in his ear, "Jones, at the right moment, you need to pick your nose and stick the booger in your mom's mouth. She'll think it's really funny and will love you more for it. I'll even pay you $100 to do it."

Crap! I didn't think the little guy would pull it off. Tell him I'll have to pay him in installments.

kim said...

oh my goodness, i don't even know what to say about jones. he is the funniest little guy i have ever known. poor little indi :( i hope she is better now.

Chris Alexander said...

WTWTA was one of my favorite books as a kid, and GHMILY was a book I gave to my Mom on her birthday a couple years ago.

Both rock.

Gina said...

I'm still laughing about that booger thing and I first read about it several days ago.

That Jones is a gentleman and a scholar.

Poor baby Indie! I hope she's nice and healthy for Christmas! (She is so stinkin' cute! I know you already know that, but I couldn't help but mention it.)

tabitha jane said...

how come your family gets to be the cutest of ever? esp the boogers . . .