Friday, November 02, 2007

My four girls

First I have to say that I just got back (Ok, I got back almost two weeks ago...but I am just now getting around to posting so...) from the greatest trip to Oklahoma to see my sweet sister in law and bff Tara and her hubby Eric. We enjoyed ourselves so much and Jones is still talking about it. T and E have the cutest house ever and it was so fun to be with people we love and can just be ourselves around. We love you guys! Thanks so much for everything!!

...Moving on...

Speaking of love...I have four girls...four girls that I love. I want to tell you a little about all of them, but I am trying to decide how to start. I guess I will go here you favorite girls. (which by the way have all moved away from me...except one came back...thanks Arwen.)

Arwen is my special friend who can do the super-fast robot and remembers every single inside joke...even if no one else does. She is the funniest blogger I know and can create poems and songs that are hilarious at the drop of a hat. She has a nickname for everyone. We always have fun together, even if we just go shopping at target. She has a tender heart and cries easier than maybe anyone else I know. She is super artistic. I can think of a hundred different stories with Arwen in them and all of them make my heart happy and make me laugh. She is one of the only people I feel kind of ok with coming to my house when it is a sty...and that means a lot. She has hands down the best short hair I have ever seen and every time I see her hawk I get jealous in my heart!

Ashtin is my sweet friend and cousin. She is a lover (not in the sexual she is a lover, not a fighter) and the most tender mommy. She is the person I know that when she calls she is going to be super great and make me feel like a million dollars (Everyone needs a friend like this!). We were both pregnant, miserable and hated being pregnant together (when I was having Jones). Whenever we are together we laugh non-stop. Ashtin is super creative and artistic and can make anything she wants with a knitting loom. She has a cute funky style and the best diamond plugs I have ever seen. In fact she was the very first girl that I ever loved plugs on. Oh and the cutest little girl Lola Jane!

Jessi Brahim is my Martha Stewart friend. Seriously...there is nothing that she cannot make...and if she makes it, it looks good! When she lived here we would do crafty things together (it was so fun) and I always wished mine looked like hers. I am not kidding when I say that if you go to her house for dinner she will amaze you. She will have food you have never heard of (except from maybe Martha), drinks to compliment and her fancy dishes will even match! She has the biggest heart and takes care of anyone in her path that may even look like they have a need. She is very giving with everything she has. Whenever I get prego and sick she cooks and takes care of me. She loves babies and I know someday when God gives her the special babies He has planned she is going to make a great mommy!

TT is my sweet sissy and friend. She is the BEST story teller ever (and that is no lie.) and makes everyone laugh. She has such a precious heart and loves Jesus so much. Everything touches her heart and brings tears to her eyes. She is super stylish and whenever I get dressed I think WWTW, "What would Tara Wear?". I don't think there is a piece of clothing around that she can't make look good or add the perfect accessory to. She has great taste and is very creative. She can match colors and decorate like no on I have ever seen. When I am with T I always enjoy myself and feel completely comfortable. We laugh so much together and have almost all the same tastes in things. I love you.

(Side note: Crap...did you notice that all of my friends are creative/artistic and have tender precious hearts...and all four (even if I didn't mention this) will cry at the drop of a hat?! I must surround myself with people like this subconsciously...since I am not creative in the least and have no heart. or maybe I want to someday have a heart?? I have no idea!)

I have so much to say about all of them and it was so hard to keep it short. I just want you all to know that you are very special and precious to me. The only way I could like you more is if you would stop moving away and leaving me here...but to that I see two realities. 1. We are all adults and that is what happens in adulthood. People needs jobs and husbands and so on. I am just going to have to get over it. 2. I am really the winner in all of this, because I still get to live in the northwest right next door to Portland. I don't have to live in The South or Idaho or even expensive Seattle....and that makes me a happy girl.


alphabetical first said...

i like you.

and I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you what I did while reading this..........

cause we all know I'm crying.

i like you.

Eric & Tara said...
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Eric & Tara said...

Oh Jessy, that was so precious and brought tears to my eyes! LOL. I kid, but not really...I really am teary.
We are friends. We love each other. In a non sexual way.

It is funny that you brought up my tender little crying heart because Eric and I were just talking about that like an hour ago! We were walking to dinner downtown and there was a group of amish-type church folk that were handing out tracts and they all started singing somr old hymn and I started crying!! What the?? I really feel like it is the Lord- like He is laying all these cares and burdens on my heart, which I love and am excited about! (but singing on the street corner? Come on!) I am a tard. A big fat crying tard.

Ashtin said...

Thanks! That is so awesome that you like me so much! I like you too! I feel very lucky that we are family. You make me want to be a better person... someone like you! Speaking of crying, I was watching Karate Kid last night and I started to cry. I am lame. But you love me! AWESOME!

Drew said...

I feel like TT didnt always use to be so Portugal i would always try to make her cry but she would always say "i dont cry...i did once but i was 12."

Tara, am I right?? I feel like i am, but maybe i dont remember!

Jen said...

This is sweet an all but your friend Arwen really isn't as good a friend as she appears to be when she doesn't change your freakin' family picture. It's killin' me!

arwen said...

you're lucky you live hours away, Jen.....
otherwise we would throw down in fisticuffs.....