Friday, August 03, 2007

It's just so hard

Sometimes I don't want to shave my legs. It's not so much that I am just lazy, but it's so hard to bend over my giant stomach and shave....I feel as though it is not really worth it. So if you are wondering I haven't shaved my legs in like 6 days. The main problem with this is that I'm so stinking hot that I have to wear capri pants, shorts, or a dress. And so I just do it...have ridiculously hairy legs and wear clothing that reveals them. Does that make me gross? OR since I now have dreads does it just make me a for real dirty hippie? Is that a good enough excuse?

Crap. It just makes me gross. I am going to shave right now.


Filipe & Jennifer said...

Please tell me those are Ryan's legs, and if not you have the fastest growing leg hair that I have ever seen.

Chris Alexander said...

I've been telling Gina for months: Ladies who are Preggers can do pretty much whatever they want. Break the rules!

Or Nair, whatever.

Drew said...


Eric & Tara said...

one- youre a hippy through and through.
two- youre a hippy through and through.

Jen said...

You've definitely got the hippy thing going for you! I remember Tara shaving my legs for me one time before I had Emma. It's freakin' hard!

I've been contemplating how best to take modern pictures of a pregnant woman in dreads... If I were to buy only one fabric with which to entwine you with would it be black or white? Please note that we can do pictures with black and white backgrounds but I can't buy both special fabrics at the moment for the "rici" pictures. Did you get to see hers ever?

Kat said...

When my sister in law & I were both "huge" at the same time, my brother came up with a fantastic solution! All you need is a long stick, or dowl, about the length of your arm & then you tape a disposable razor to the end. Works great & no bending over!
Hasn't Ryan offered to do it for you? lol

upstairs said...

i like that I can identify your husband's legs in a "line up"...

is that weird?

they're not that bad. I just saw them yesterday.

they're not that bad.

Ty said...

Maybe you should take a collection for laser hair removal. I'd donate.

Chris Alexander said...

You rock the whole hippie thing, but don't go trying to have New Baby Girl Woods in the actual woods - that's one hippie step too far.

tabitha jane said...

um: you NEVER have to shave your legs if you don't want to!
1) you live in the NW
2) you have dreads
3) you are pregnant
4) it's YOUR body
5) once they get long enough to be soft, you wont even notice
6) think how much money you will save
7) think how much time in the shower you will save!

Breanna said...

so, i don't know about how your pregnant body works, but at 37 weeks pregnant, i couldn't even reach to shave my legs today if i wanted too!

at first i refused to wear anything that would reveal my hairy secret, and then it got way too hot, so now i'm in the "oh well. i guess i'll just have to be slightly embarassed but cooler." and so far no one has openly ridiculed me!