Wednesday, August 08, 2007

books, books, books

When we really shouldn't have, but went ahead and did it anyway, about two weeks ago Ry and I bought 4 or 5 books online off amazon. Ry also got a bunch of good books for his we are set on reading for awhile. I have already finished one good book (Which we actually got on our anniversary, so it doesn't count as any of the books mentioned above) and am in the middle of two more ( I think Ry is reading about four of them at once). I thought I would share them with you since they have all been amazingly good and generally very thought provoking.

1.)Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen By Anna Lappe & Bryant Terry
This is the one I just finished. The first half of the book was very eye opening to the politics involved with food (You wouldn't think something like food would be extremely politically charged), the choices that go along with how we eat, and the effects these issues have on our society and the world. It's main goal was to give lots of information and enable you to make whatever informed choices you want about your life/food. The second half of the book is designed as a cook book/menu planning guide. It comes with music and poetry for every main seasonal menu.

2.)Rich Christians In An Age Of Hunger By Ronald J. Sider
I think Ryan might have already mentioned this book, but it's good....real good. We are both reading through it right now and it is a book that you should read only if you are willing to question the beliefs our culture as far as Americans and as followers of Christ live and view money and wealth.

3.) The Revolution: a Field manual for changing your world By: a compilation of essays from different authors, edited by Heather Zydek (Author for Relevant magazine)
This book is just a compilation of essays from different people addressing some of the top social/political issues right now (Woman's rights, clean water, fair trade, etc....). It is refreshing to read (But also extremely sad in a way), because it doesn't just give you a problem, it gives lots of different suggestions for way to get involved with each issue on many different levels.

The last two books I mentioned neither of us have finished yet, I will give you my final opinion when we do. Until then I highly suggest reading any of them...and then we can talk about it.

I really need to start a book club...that would be so fun.


Chris Alexander said...

1) I'd love to borrow this book if I may. It sound like something Gina and I (as well as my Mom) would be really interested in.

2) I'm still working on Irresistable Revolution, but this one sounds really cool too.

3) Ryan said this was was waking you up in the middle of the night, and I need to stock up on sleep before the baby is born, so I'll let you keep that one for now. :)

Brahim Brahim said...

I've really been enjoying "Grub", I read an article about a book the other day called something like "The Gospel According to Starbucks" and the general idea was how church should be more like Starbucks and not so really reminded me of Renovatus. Anyway, you may want to look it up and give it a try.

Brahim Brahim said...

I just wanted to let you know that I had posted a whole new thing about everything that's going on right now and blah blah blah....but then I remembered there were a few things that RadioShack people can't see, so I had to erase I'm totally out of blogging

r1 upstairs said...

though it goes without saying, I have to say it here in Bloglandia:

Dibs on the Revolution book.

hurry up, cause i really really want to read it.

Jen said...

I think we would like the same books. Don't you? :)