Thursday, August 07, 2008

Molly Maids

Ryan and I have both been sick the past two weeks. Not at the same time really, but more kind of overlapping. I was sick first, then him, but since I was first sick I have had a constant headache. For the past couple days those headaches have turned into migraines. Ry had to take me to the Dr. today to get muscle relaxers so I could function with these terrible aches...anyway it sucks.
All of this was just to tell you what happened tonight. So my great sister Jillian came over tonight (after she worked like 10 hours) to watch my kids so that Ry could take me to the Doc. Needless to say our house is a wreck (Seriously bad...I have had a migraine off and on for 3 days and we have both been sick!), but she is my sis and I have a good excuse, so I though it would be fine. Well, after we got home tonight she was talking to us and some how we got on the subject of her looking in the computer to price a maid service to clean my house. She thought maybe she would get us a house cleaning for Christmas...OUCH. Crap I am stay at home mom and people think I need a house cleaner. Excuse me for a minuet while I go stab myself in the eye.


Midge said...

...maybe just someone to come over and do your dishes.... the other stuff can.... eh... no one ever died from toys on the floor, you know?

don't you dare stab yourself in the eye. You know how much we value your perfect eye sight... you NEED YOUR EYE!

Midge said...

ps: I'm so proud of you.

Ashtin said...

I am sorry you are sick :(

tabitha jane said...

go to working class acupuncture. they have pretty good sliding scale prices and i personally know people who have had AMAZING success with acupuncture and migranes.

that's my suggestion.

it was good to see you even if just briefly at the wedding!!!! your little one is BEAUTIFUL!

Sarah D. said...

I totally thought you were going to say that you came home and your sister had cleaned the whole house! Bummer! That would've been sweet.