Friday, August 25, 2006

You are one today

My precious son,
I can’t believe a whole year has gone by. You are no longer my little baby boy, you are now my running, growling toddler. I sometimes miss my tiny little boy, but when I see whom you have developed into, I would never go back. You have grown so fast. Realizing this has made me want to slow down even more, to write down all you do, and to focus more on the quality time I spend with you. You my son are more precious to me than I can put into words. Do you know that besides your dad, you are the biggest blessing God has ever given to me? Everyday I thank Him for you and pray that I can love you more fully, the way He loves you. Here is my pray for you on your birthday:

May you above all else love God with your whole heart. May you always seek Him, seeing His beauty in all areas of your life. May your relationship with Him be the most important thing in your life and may everything else stem from that dependence on Him.
I pray that you see yourself how He sees you, perfect, beautiful, a masterpiece. I ask that you believe Him when he says that you were created in His image and that he formed you into who He wants you to be. You my child were created, specially design by the maker of heaven and earth, take Joy in that.
You have been blessed with such a sweet spirit and love for people; I pray that you let that grow in you and do not let it get destroyed by the things you will experience. May you love others with the same love that God has shown you.
May this next year of your life be blessed with many beautiful things.

Jones I want you to know you are my special boy. You will always have a place in my heart that no one else can fill. I love you so much!

Love forever,

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Real Deal (but not the real Kara Deal)

Here is the real invite! What do you think? His birthday cake is gonna be a Jones soda bottle cap, which will be the traditional silver and black. The caps on top usually have "Jones soda co." But it will instead read "Jones first birthday". There will be the big Silver J and the bottom will still say (Sticking with the true bottle cap) "I've got a jones for a Jones". If you don't know what they look like then just go to a groc store and check one out.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A shout out for all the ideas.

I must say, nice advice ladies...but the husband and I have decided on an idea and I think you might approve of. First though I want to say a few thoughts on the ideas from the previous post...

KK=you get the award for most enthusiastic party ideas. You had some excitement in your voice when you typed that my friend. You also get the award for cutest invite idea. Ticket invites, Love It!

R1=Caterpillar cupcakes, gets me everytime. A straight shot right to the ol' heart.


RM=Solid advice.

Sorry ladies, but since none of your ideas got chosen I am afraid a "shot out" is all you're gonna get. I also think I might just wait to show you my birthday idea until we get it finished. (And those of you I have told, don't tell yet, I want to make it look good first.) You all are gonna love it!
Now onto other things...
I am at a point right now where I am afraid I wont be able to post much. ( i know, you are thinking "What is she talking about? She barely posts now!") I am going to be very busy this month with my business and so will barely be able to post or comment much. I will miss you all, but I will be back. Do not worry my beloved blogmunnity, all we are is dust in the wind.
peace out suckas!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

What about this for a birthday invite/theme:
In the end we decided against it because it was more for us than for Jones.

Friday, August 04, 2006

I need a little any ideas?

(Jonesy less than 24 hrs. old, almost a year ago!)
So I just accidentally posted just a title. I thought that was funny, so I left it. Ha. It is still making me laugh and I don't know why.
On to the help that is needed...

My son is turning one this month (I am very excited and yet a little disturbed by the fact that I will soon have a toddler. What the crap am I doing with one of those?) and I am have birthday party for him. It will be at the park that we love and go to several times a week. It is on a Sunday afternoon (the 20th to be exact). The park is usually pretty busy then, but it is the only time we can have it. It's 2-4:30/5:ish. (By the way you are all invited if you want to come...though not many of you live close.) It will be snacks and bubbles and some kind of cute know a 1 year old b-day. I am having trouble with a theme! I know, I know, there wont be much to have a theme with (it's outside, just pretty much just the cake, invites, and table decor will be themed.), but it is the first one and it has to be a good one. I don't want the usual...Pastels, pooh, ect. Here are my thoughts so far:

Pirates (ex:skull and cross bone cup cakes)
Bugs(ex:Caterpillar cake)
Puppies (Just because he loves them...but it is almost too trendy for me)
Farm yard style(Chick cake)
???? (Coolest coloring page ever!)

See not much. I need something good...and I need it by like Monday/Tuesday by the latest. The sooner the better. The person who gives the best advice gets a prize...I am not sure what it will be yet...but it will be good. Real. Good. Think my little bloggers think!