Saturday, December 30, 2006

There are times when Blogger is The Man...and this is one of those times.

I am a little bit pissed. Maybe a little more than a bit. The reason? I wrote a great blog....a spectacular blog on this new book I am reading..."the Irresistible Revolution" by Shane Claiborne...and then Stupid blogger erased it. That's it blogger. Now I am real steamed!

I will not re-write it. I have no patience and what little emotional energy I did have is now been sucked out by the first attempt at this blog. Just know this. The book I am reading completely kicks ass and it will make you totally examine your life...if it doesn't you have no heart. Email me or ask me questions if you want to know more about the book.

I was actually wondering if anyone had read the book or was interested in going out and buying one this very instant so that we could have a dialog/book club/discussion thing with this very book...but now in my heart I know no one will want to get a book that I only described at "Kick-ass" and "life examining". Maybe you should go on someone else's book review sight and find out what others have to say about it. Because I have nothing else.

You have no soul blogger...and that is the only thing that makes me feel O.K. about this whole situation. Good night.

But the book...right away so we can talk about it.


arwen said...

fine. I'll change the picture.

I didn't think you'd actually do it.

Shane was hot.

Ty said...

I'd love to do that book club, but I'll only be in town for a week so I don't think it will work very well.

tara said...

i will buy the book on my home from work tonight. seriously, i need a new book. so i declare myself the first memeber of your book club. when shall we hold olur first meeting? i'll bring the brownies.

tara said...

is arwen talking about VPC shane? cause if so, i ran accross his myspace thingy (while looking at james' who is quite creepy now). shane has a wife and little girl. wierd.

Lisa Milton said...

I understand completely. I heard Shane Claiborne speak at Imago Dei this summer, picked up the book and inhaled it in one sitting. (Well, kinda. I have kids. But I did read it late into the night.)

I loved the way he suggests we serve - less red tape, more getting your hands dirty.

Hope you find someone to chat with. If I hear he is coming to town again, I will shoot you a note. (I live in Vancouver.)

arwen said...

wait... WHAT? well... I guess I'm not surprised considering the path he took... you know... with the More Man thing and all.... maybe you wanna tell me what HisSpace is so I can stalk?

Juan de grande said...

you know me jess. I"m all about reading and clubs (no I'm not using that to get dates)

arwen said...

you know how I know you're not reading my blog? Cause you haven't commented on pimple faced DMony. I'm hurt Jess. Hurt deep to my core.

Jess said...

Hey thanks for the comments. Lisa, I would love for you to tell em when Shane is coming to Portland...I will most definately go see him!

T, Did you get it yet?

Ty, you never came to my home community! I am hurt.

Arwen I do not like D-money.

John I will let you know if I ever have a book club, maybe we can start having them at Reno?? Maybe?