Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A garden in in our future

We FINALLY got our garden started today! I am so excited. I have been dreaming all winter long about fresh veggies picked straight from our garden. There is just something different between produce in the summer/fall and produce in the winter. I find it so much easier to eat healthy when the garden is full and the farmer's market is open. I have visions of my little family playing outside in the sunshine and stopping to help themselves to a handful of green beans or a big cucumber! (We'll to be honest I can only really see Jones doing this...Indi not as much. That girl pretty much only loves dairy products and meat! Who's child is she?? I am hoping that getting to be involved with the growing process and the ability to choose and pick her own vegetables might help her start to be a little more interested in them. We shall see!)


arwen said...

i was just thinking about bags and bags and BAGS of green beans the other day.
and, had the weather not been so crummy, E and were going to head down to the FM last Sunday.... i don't even know if its going. I guess its year round, isn't it.
i don't know.
I'm so out of the local loop.

Eric and Tara said...

I'm so sad that we can't have a garden this year! Well, we could, but since were moving, it would be pointless. And all my beautiful compost....wasted! Actually, I'm giving it to a friend, but still.
I guess I will have to live vicariously through you and your garden this year.

Jess said...

Arwen-the farmers market just started and it is glorious! You guys will have to go. We should also do brunch sometime on a Sunday morning.

T-that is so sad about not getting to have a garden! Boo. I give you permission to live through me and my garden starting...now.

Ashli Koehler said...

So are these pictures of this years garden? My beans haven't even reached the bottom of the trellis yet.

Jess said...

Oh no, I wish it was already this way this year! This is last year's garden.

Ashli said...

I now see that if I had actually read your blog first, I would have figured that out. I guess the picture of India should have clued me in too. :)

Jess said...

Sorry everyone, I had to take the photos off. Some perverts have been looking at my children's pictures (if there is any skin showing) and this post had Indi's little buns.

Creepy and gross.