Monday, July 28, 2008

I think this might be number 100...finally.

The more crunchy hippie I get the more things I find myself doing at home. Example: this summer my Fam decided to grow our own garden. What better way to get organic veggies at a fraction of the cost, in their most healthy state, all the while teaching my children to get connected and take ownership of their food? (I can't think of a better way! Although check out Ry's blog about organics to you...fabulous company!!) I will tell you all it has been an interesting thing learning how to is not really my strong point. But after a few seed mishaps, a terrible case of broccoli with aphids, and zucchini which may or may not be rotting on the plant due to being a little too cramped, we have had a great time and plan to have a garden again next year. Here are a few pics...

next to one of our garden boxes

Here you can kind of see our cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, and bell peppers

Me and Jones peeking through the beans

Here are a few pics from this weekend of India camping. She really liked to roll in the dirt! It took TWO baths to get it all off of her! These pictures don't do the dirt justice.

Ahh much is the little girl we know.(who only likes to walk!!)

Just a side note...If you think I am being a bad mom because I seem to primarily post pictures of Indi, it's not my fault. Jones will not look at the camera or when I do catch him looking he covers his face!! I will keep trying, but it may only be India until this little phase is gone! Please don't judge me!


Midge said...

go to my space and steal the pic i have of him.... and love that i captioned it what I did.

its in the "My Photos" folder.

i really don't think i like how old he looks in the bean pic......

kim said...

i have garden envy! my dad always grew a garden for us growing up, and it is my dream to have one myself with yummy produce, but i have come to terms that it will be next year before i can try.

glad you are back in blogging world :)

Sarah D. said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back! The new layout is great too. Love the title.

Jen said...

Did you cut your hair?
Is India totally freakin' out in the picture with my mom?

Jess said... was time for a new look. Sometimes I get a little bored and need a change.

No, I did not cut my hair, I think it was just up. And yes Indi was freaking out, she was so mad that we wouldn't let her eat the dirt! She loves her some dirt...she just can't get enough.

Kaydub said...

And that pic does not BEGIN to capture the true depth of filth! Remarkably, she's just as cute when she's nasty as when she's squeaky clean!
Dang, you make cute babies!