Monday, May 28, 2007

A little update

My little girl is without a name. I know we still have time...we aren't in a huge hurry, but it would still be nice if she had a name. I would like to start talking to her and saying her name now. So if anyone has any good suggestions let me know. It needs to work with the name Jones, not start with a J, and go with the middle name Jayne. That is all the stipulations we have.

Here are a couple of prego pictures, 25 weeks. I will try and take a couple better ones and post those too, maybe ones when I have brushed my hair.

What else? We had a crazy weekend! Jillian (my sister) got married on Saturday. It was so fun! Jones was the little ring bearer and he was SO adorable and did such a good job of walking up the isle without getting nervous (it helped that he was promised candy bars by grandma if he would do it). I will post pictures of that too, I didn't seem to get a very good one of him in his tux, so I have to wait until someone else sends me a better one.
On Sunday my other sister, Jenna, had her high school graduation party. And after the party all of my family went to my parents house to watch Jenna and Jillian/Mark open up all their gifts and have a BBQ. We had so much fun, but we are so tired and glad to just take today to be at home. Jones kept telling me this morning that "Nice Jones Home"....So I think we all appreciated the day just to relax at home.

It hard to believe, but Ryan and I have have still not seen Pirates! Crazy I know! We decided to wait and go see it when we had a sitter for Jones and we could go just the two of us on a date. Another crazy thing...a date! We haven't been on one in over 7 months and it is most definitely time now that I can do more. We usually don't like to go to movies for our dates, it seems kind of impersonal and non-connecting to us (actually we don't usually go to movies at all...the last movie I saw was the second pirates movie!!). We usually like to do something more interactive and where we can talk and look at each other, but anything just the two of us sounds like a good date at this point! And it is

The other date thing that is looking interesting is Amos Lee. I saw on TJ's blog that he is coming to the Aladdin and he just happens to be coming on our anniversary! I know I probably need to get the tickets soon, but I don't know much about that venue. Is it the type of place that you can sit during the concert? I still can't go places where I have to stand for extended periods of time, so I have to find out before we get the tickets. If you know about the Aladdin let me know...Maybe I should just email Tabitha??

That is my rather long update. Hopefully the tux pictures will be up soon.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

This is the picture we used to make cards for our mom's for mother's day....don't you wish you were my mom?

And yes, those are nursing pads stuck to my sons chest...and yes, he did think they were boobs...and yes, he is yelling "TA-DA"...and yes, we did cut and paste him into a field of flowers....what would you have done with a picture like this??

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Good Book

I seem to have a little more time on my hands for reading. Anyone have a good book they can recommend me? I am taking all suggestions...I am fresh out of book ideas. Thank you and good-day.
P.S. I am actually taking all suggestions for things to do while laying down. Any old classic movies to recommend or other ideas of interest?