Monday, May 28, 2007

A little update

My little girl is without a name. I know we still have time...we aren't in a huge hurry, but it would still be nice if she had a name. I would like to start talking to her and saying her name now. So if anyone has any good suggestions let me know. It needs to work with the name Jones, not start with a J, and go with the middle name Jayne. That is all the stipulations we have.

Here are a couple of prego pictures, 25 weeks. I will try and take a couple better ones and post those too, maybe ones when I have brushed my hair.

What else? We had a crazy weekend! Jillian (my sister) got married on Saturday. It was so fun! Jones was the little ring bearer and he was SO adorable and did such a good job of walking up the isle without getting nervous (it helped that he was promised candy bars by grandma if he would do it). I will post pictures of that too, I didn't seem to get a very good one of him in his tux, so I have to wait until someone else sends me a better one.
On Sunday my other sister, Jenna, had her high school graduation party. And after the party all of my family went to my parents house to watch Jenna and Jillian/Mark open up all their gifts and have a BBQ. We had so much fun, but we are so tired and glad to just take today to be at home. Jones kept telling me this morning that "Nice Jones Home"....So I think we all appreciated the day just to relax at home.

It hard to believe, but Ryan and I have have still not seen Pirates! Crazy I know! We decided to wait and go see it when we had a sitter for Jones and we could go just the two of us on a date. Another crazy thing...a date! We haven't been on one in over 7 months and it is most definitely time now that I can do more. We usually don't like to go to movies for our dates, it seems kind of impersonal and non-connecting to us (actually we don't usually go to movies at all...the last movie I saw was the second pirates movie!!). We usually like to do something more interactive and where we can talk and look at each other, but anything just the two of us sounds like a good date at this point! And it is

The other date thing that is looking interesting is Amos Lee. I saw on TJ's blog that he is coming to the Aladdin and he just happens to be coming on our anniversary! I know I probably need to get the tickets soon, but I don't know much about that venue. Is it the type of place that you can sit during the concert? I still can't go places where I have to stand for extended periods of time, so I have to find out before we get the tickets. If you know about the Aladdin let me know...Maybe I should just email Tabitha??

That is my rather long update. Hopefully the tux pictures will be up soon.


tabitha jane said...

you should name her tabitha jayne . . . :)

as for the aladdin - yes! there are totally seats! and i don't think they aren't numbered, so the earlier you get there the better seat you get i think. it's a nice, smaller venue. i saw the frames there a few months ago . . . um . . . not sure who they sell tickets through, but if you google it i'm sure you could find out.

hope you are doing well! glad the wedding happened alright (i remember some issue with not knowing if the groom would make it in time or something?) did they find a place to live?

RoniZee said...

Wow, you look HOT. Wait. Is that inappropriate?

Oh my gosh, you should name her Dickand. Dickand Jayne. Remember those books? But seriously, don't name your baby that.

Rizzle said...

Actually instead of Dickand we were thinking Andydick Jayne.

tara said...

i know nothing of this concert you speak of but i do want you to know that your hair is getting looong! mine is too and i kinda like it. are you still going to do dreads?

Gina said...

You are an adorable little pregnant lady! Too bad you have to get so sick to look so cute!

Sounds like you're feeling a little better? I hope so! And i hope it stays that way.

As for name suggestions, do you know what you're getting into with a name freak like me in the blogmunity? I hope you understand how much restraint it's taking me to keep myself from publishing a giant list. I'll share with you my favorite name that I won't be able to use (because it's runner-up to the girl name we've chosen, and once/if we have a girl we're done--if we somehow end up with two, we'll name the second one Suprise...or Oops).

Your girl's name should definitely be Bridget. It means strong, which is awesome. And Bridget goes really well with Jones. REALLY well. (Hee hee!)

Actually, I think you should name your sweet baby girl Ellery Jayne. It's got flair. It's unique enough to go with Jones. It's pretty, but not princess-y. And it means "happy and joyful". Plus, her initials would match her brother's, but in reverse.

I'll try not to be sad if you don't choose Ellery, but it'll break my heart a little bit. If you don't like this suggestion, ask again--I've got lots!

arwen said...

some crazy lady came into get caffine today and her name was Maargret. yeah. with two a's. In my head I asked her what the point of two a's was, but... she didn't answer. So i gave her decaf.

not really. I mean, that really was her name, but... i don't like it. It was just a name that came up. Maargret Jayne. Nah. Doesn't fit with Jones. That kid is really messing everything up for Sesame.

Though you shouldn't rule out Sesame Jayne. Let's see..... Sulawesi? Serena? Italian? Decaf House Jayne Woods? Ok. I'm just naming coffees now.

I quit.

thanks for letting me borrow your lappy. Even tho you didn't really have a say in it as you were not home. but really.


Charlie died.
I cried.
What's done is done.

It's strange that I'm not even commenting about your post. I'm basically just carrying on a one sided conversation with you while you are downstairs sleeping.

like i should be.

Dickand. I like it. nice one, Roni.

ooh... Veronica Jayne....
Awa Jayne
Baltimore Jayne
Cincinatti Jayne
Pittsburgh Jayne
refrigerator jayne
mirror jayne

arwen said...

ps: aside from the clear and present danger of celery jokes while in school, I kind of like Ellery.... I kind of like it bad. but its no Dickand. That's for sure.

Gina said...

I love Lamp.

(Too bad Arwen's P.S. gets in the way so my comment seems more crazy-random than funny.)

P.S. But I like her P.S. because she's agreeing with me and I like being agreed with.

RoniZee said...

Arwen: I just laughed out loud at your comment. Well done, lad. "mirror jayne"

PS. Veronica Jayne is almost my name....Veronica Joy. Jess; quit trying to name your baby after me.

Jess said...

Tabitha, thanks for the info. Yes the wedding was great...the groom made it and they found an apartment.

Gina, Ellery is a cute name. Ryan doesn't like it though, so it can't go on the list.

Here is our list so far. (Some we really like and some we just kind of like)


What do you guys think?

tara said...

ive always loved harper the most...especialy since i know twin cutie pies name harper and stella. so cute.

Awa Upstairs said...

personally, I veto Presley.

and Charlott.


You know what comes after that.

Jess said...

Dude T, Stella was on our list until just yesterday. We took it off before I commented with the little list you see here. Crazy I guess those twins parents are our soul mates...or something.

kristi said...

Evelyn is my vote. I really like Evie also.

tabitha jane said...

i love lamp jayne.

i'm serious tabitha jayne is IT.

or parker, amelia or evelyn. if you chose evelyn you could call her evie for short and then get two for the price of one!

Gina said...

I was going to say that about Evelyn, Tabs! But then I read your comment and realized I'd seem pretty unoriginal if I said it now.

I'm not a fan of Harper and Parker beacuse they just sound like yuppie boy names to me. Presley would be cute (maybe a little too cute), but she'd always get called Elvis (I would see to it). Eloise is too close to Heloise--and she was one half (with Abelard) of possibly the most horrifyingly tragic love story of all time, not a good association for us nerdy types who aren't fond of having our husbands castrated and/or executed.

Charlotte is a beautiful name, no matter what Arwen says, so don't listen to her. She's weird. Amelia is pretty, too. I know that my opinion is super-important to you, so I will rank your name options in order, favorite to least favorite...

1.) Evelyn/Evie (they're the same name, so it's a tie)
2.) Charlotte
3.) Amelia
4.) Presley
5.) Harper
6.) Parker (only works with last name Posey)
7.) Eloise (I would call her "Weezie", like The Jeffersons)

Man, can you tell I only comment at night when I should be getting some much-needed sleep?

P.S. I can't wait to meet little Evelyn-Evie-for-short! =)

Kat said...

A few more for your list:
Jackie was almost "Savannah", so I have always liked that one. A friend just had a girl & named her Avery. that's cute.....almost anything goes with Jones...feel fortunate you arent a


r1 said...

I'd like it if you named your daughter McManus.

I'm just saying.

But after some Jayne Eyre (see what I did there?) research, I am going to say that Char is ok. But only because I know you love that book. But still... Dude... Char's a.....

I'm going to find you a name. Even if it is Hawaiian... I will find her a name.

Evie: serrusly... have you seen V? Cause I love it. It's in my top 5

Charlotte: spider. that's all i'm saying.

Evelyn: nice name for a grown up. But Eve works too... but should we really base her name on what her nickname would be?

Presley: Yep. Elvis. Or Jamie Presley. and... well... she's kind of whore-ish and we don't like her or her McMani.

Amelia: cute. Should be higher on the list at this point.

Eloise: has all the great time saving tips for around the house.

Parker: Boy Name.
Harper: I know this deviates from my previous opinion, but... Boy Name.

Current Fave Vote: Addison. Or Aticaune if you were someone else....

Chris Alexander said...

In the books I'm reading right now (that take place in a mountain town in So. Carolina) there are some pretty cool names:

Puny ('cause she was all small and puny when she was a baby)

Fancy (Fancy Jayne Woods?? Awesome!)

Cynthia (goes well with Jane)

I also like the last-name-as-a-first idea. Jones really makes it work, so what about for his sister?

Nicewonger (that's a real last name! Look it up!)
Turner (and we can nickname Jones Hooch!)

So there's a few little gems for you! Enjoy!

Jessica said...

Abigail, Amelia, and Emerson are my favorite girls' names (althought Tabitha Jayne would be awesome! hee hee)

tabitha jane said...

abigail is my (real) middle name.

harper makes me think of ben harper. which makes me think of how sexy he is.

Jess said...

Emerson...I like that one.