Friday, January 25, 2008

My 100

Breanna had a 100 things blog. I thought it was pretty fun to read so decided to try one myself. That was about 2 weeks ago and I have about 80 things. I have decided to go ahead and post my first 80 and then add the remaining 20 when I get them done. Here you 100 things.

1.) I don't know if I know 100 things about me.
2.) my husband makes me happier than anyone else ever!
3.) Sometimes I smell India's little mouth because I LOVE the way babies breath smells.

4.) I love my wedding's my favorite. But sometimes I feel sad in my heart that it has diamonds. (It makes me think of the suffering people have to go through to get them)

5.) If I had my way I would shower and get dressed first thing every day. i don't like to sit around in my pajamas.

6.) One of my life long goals has been to be uber organized.

7.) Since I cannot eat wheat or gluten sometimes I want Ryan to order food that I remember loving just so I can watch him eat it and live vicariously through him. Does this make me creepy?

8.) I will talk to anyone about just about anything, yet i am very private and only let a few people (if any) know alot of my most deep personal things.

9.) Lately one of my passions has been simplistic living and trying to learn to live in America and not be consumed by materialism. A hard thing to do.

10.) One of my favorite books I have ever read is "Rich Christian's in an Age of Hunger" by Ron Sider. It will change your life.

11.) My favorite magazine is "Body and Soul" (It's a Martha Stewart)

12.) I love the fragrance of essential oils and love that my house is scented with them.

13.) Lemon is my favorite oil, it smells so fresh and clean.

14.) I want to have a garden so bad I can hardly stand it.

15.) I am so tired and dream of the day when my children will both sleep at once for more than two hours.

16.) Having conversations with my 2 year old makes my heart happy in a way that nothing else can.

17.) My cabbage patch doll's name is Martha Charolette and I still have her in a box somewhere.

18.) My cabbage patch doll has dreads that I gave her when I was 5...I think it was a sign.

19.) My favorite color is red.

20.) I love having a mini van. I know it is a bad status symbol, but I am far too practical and love the convinience of it too much to really care.

21.) I love going to school and would have stayed in school forever if I could have.

22.) If/when I go back to school I think I will study Psychology or maybe nutrition and natural health.

23.) I went to school for over 5 years and I don't even have an AA degree. (Something about changing my major ever year or two. See number 22)

24.) practically everything in my house is chemical free. It has made a huge difference in the freshness of our house and my sons asthma.

25.) I keep trying to have plants in my house, but the only one i have never killed is my aloevera...and I love it. So handy for burns.

26.) I know that I seem like a am kind of a boring person adn making lists like this just emphasis that...crap.

27.) I have pretty much stopped going to places like the mall because it makes my heart sad and all I can think about is how people (including myself) are buying more stuff when others are starving.

28.) I would love to help start/maintain/be a part of a community garden.

29.) I am very interested in what a basic model of communal/community living would really look like and I maybe want to be a part of one. Not a creepy compound, but a true community that shares and supports eachother. I think that is beautiful.

30.) I am falling more in love with Jesus all the time. I feel like I have been discovering Him in a new way and I can't seem to get enough.

31.) My new Jesus is refreshing my soul

32.) My favorite flowers are daffodils. They make my heart happy.

33.) I have the best husband ever. He treats me like a princess ALL the time. He shows me what being a selfless spouce looks like.

34.) I am so lucky, I have great in-laws whom I adore and love spending time with. I feel really bad for people who have bad in-laws, that sucks.

35.) I love cheesecake. Especially from Papa Haydens (did I spell that right?), they have it gluten free.

36.) I love fresh fruit. My fav's are watermelon, cherries and peaches.

37.) I find that parenting is extremely guilt producing and I am constantly wanting to be better at it for my kids.

38.) Maybe my biggest pet peeve (Is it really spelled Peeve? gross word!) is people who are always right and are close-minded. hello, try something new. You can't possibly know everything.

39.) Also, people who are so set in their ways that they will continue to do something one way even if that way is detrimental to them or others.

40.) I would love to not wear make-up, but my skin is too icky

41.) At times I am addicted to pepsi

42.) I am extremely fickle and excitable.

43.)If I read something in a book I might not remember it, BUT if I hear it in a lecture and take notes or if I converse about something with somebody I will remember it forever

44.) I don't like tv. I think the media is controling and biased. I believe it is bad for your health/brain. But if I have one I will watch it.

45.) I love South Park. Sometimes it is dumb, but most of the time I find it incredibly right on and it's perception of reality is beautiful to me.

46.) I LOVE my birkenstocks

47.) I really dislike the movie pretty woman

48.) I hate to say hate. I keep trying not too.

49.) I am ok with my son saying things like "what the frick", "butt", "crap", and things like that, but I dont like anyone using words around him like stupid, hate, retarded or anything else that is demeaning to others.

50.) My mother in-law is one of the bravest people I know. She is one of my heros.

51.) I don't tan. I just freckle. A lot. I mean, a whole lot.

52.) I think the movie Zoolander was a beautiful piece of comedic art

53.) When I think of all the politics involved in the food industry it freaks me out. It freaks me way out.

54.)I LOVE being a mommy

55.) I wasn't sure if I was going to like having a little girl as much as a boy...but I love it just as much.

56.) I think breast feeding is one of the weirdest and grossest things. Think about it. One person sucks on another's body to get fluid out of it and then drinks that fluid. Eww. Strangly enough I love it though and am so glad I do it. I just can't think about it in that kind of detail.

57.) I wish I could afford to buy all organic food for my children.

58.) I once read a fabulous book called "Grub: Ideas for an urban organic kitchen". It was very insightful, I think you might want to read it.

59.) I have raynaud's syndrome and so my fingers and toes always freeze!

60.) I love to stick my cold feet on my hubby at night! Oh also, my butt is always freezing when I get into bed....I like to stick that on him too. (Anyone else have that problem??)

61.) My of my biggest desires is to show Jesus to my children in the way I love them.

62.)Having conversations with my two year old cracks me up.

63.) Sometimes, even though I love being a mommy, I feel smothered by my children and want them to leave me alone. (That sounds so mean!)

64.) I really dislike going to bed without my husband and will wait up until LATE into the night so we can go to bed together.

65.) I sort of have a heart of stone and it takes a whole lot to make me cry. (But I am working on that)

66.) I don't really like animals.

67.) I don't want a pet ever, but feel swayed to get one sometimes just because I know it will bring joy to my children.

68.) I don't like brown eggs. They have darker yokes and it grosses me out. I do feel bad for not using them though, since the chemicals in the white ones are so bad for my babies, but I just can't make myself switch.

69.) I get 9 1/2 free gallons of milk every month from the governemt. I love WIC.

70.) I love Chai from Starbucks. Iced, venti, with Whip, Light ice, chai tea my drink of choice.

71.) My favorite coffee is stumptown. Mmmm. My favorite coffee shop is Mon Ami.

72.) I want to be a good neighbor who meets the people in my neighborhood and becomes their friends. I am going to try real hard to do this when I move to my new house in a couple weeks.

73.) One book I am buying with my tax return money is "parenting with love and lodgic." Have you read it?

74.) I love popcorn covered in lots of real butter and salt.

75.) I really enjoy being friends with my mom.

76.) I feel so blessed that my children are close to both of their grandparents.

77.) Being pregnant this last time ruined my teeth. I had only one little baby cavity before and after I had one million big fat cavities. Crap.

78.) When I smile my tonue shows because I have a "tongue thrusting problem"...which sounds a little gross to me, but that is what the dentist said.

79.) I have yet to make a good loaf of bread in a bread maker. I just can't get it to work.

80.) I know every word to almost all of John Denver's songs. It is the only thing my son wants to listen to in the car, at night when he is going to sleep, or anytime he choses the music in our house.

81.) I love to ride the max.

P.S. I hope I didn't spell anything too awfully...I can't get the spell check button to work.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My favorite house

The house that I live in is perfect. Well, maybe not perfect, it doesn't have a yard or a place for a dining room table, but we love it. It is right on little Main Street in down town Vancouver. It is walking distance to about 5 different parks. There is an adorable court yard outback with a creek and waterfall that my son loves to play in. We have lived here for two years and everything in our house has it's place. Did I mention we love it here? Bad news. The people that run this apartment are terribly unorganized and horrible at their jobs. Because of this and their hate for us (it is a long story, but the managers hate us because they hate the earth and hate that we want to get recycling. And now we are trying to change city laws to make them get recycling....long stroy, but they are punks.), the bastards are raising our rent $150 a month. Now we can no longer live here...we have to move.

It is a sad sad time for me. I have been looking and looking, everyday checking craigslist and other apartment finding resources, but have still found nothing. Nothing that is either a.)safe enough for our family to live in or b.) a price we can pay. So I guess we wont live anywhere. I guess our babies will live on the street. It is ok, they need to learn to grow up sometime. I guess now is their chance. Crap.