Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Five minuets of my day...

1:30-"Jonesy, please get out of the trash! No...Don't eat that." (This is where I pull an angry yelling 8 month old out of the trash can and pull his "treasure" (a piece of plastic wrapper) out of his mouth.)
1:31- "Jones, that's dirty, yuck! That goes in the toilet...here come with Mommy. Lets wash your hands and then we can change your diaper." (Here I am pulling a toilet plunger out of his hands and taking him to use super antibacterial hand soap!)
1:33-"Wow, this is a dirty diaper....NO...No, NO!(I take away the poopy diaper which he has grabbed and is now pulling all over himself) "Jones, please hold still. Mom is trying to wipe the poop off of you. JONES hold still." (I am holding my 23lb. baby by one ankle while he is Flailing around trying with all his might to flip onto his tummy and crawl away.)
1:35- (I have wipped the poop off Jones, the carpet and have just come back from washing it off my own hands.) "Ok Jones, You are all clean. Lets put on your new diaper. Wait....Stop, stop. No...don't crawl through that! Oh...mommy will be right back." (As I return Jones turns from the basket he is playing at and sprays the now clean carpet with urine. Then as he smiles and crawls towards me decides to go straight through the pee.)

In 15 years....If you have already viewed this, please do so again. There were a few technical difficulties...they are now corrected.

So I was talking to my dear breast friend Arwen yesterday about my blog. Her comment to me was this..."Now don't take this personally or anything but..." (First off, if you have to start a conversation this way, you know what you are going to hear might be a little troubling.) "If I didn't know you, after reading your 'about me' section, I would think you were a real nerd." After much discussion we decided that in no way is it cool to be interested in brain development or to enjoy conversations with people about who they are, but in every way, it is who I am.
I have been thinking about this ever since then. Do I change my 'interests' to things I think will gain me a higher status then "nerd"? (thus representing a false portrayal of self) Or do I run the risk putting down my real information and open the eyes of all who I have tricked into thinking me something more? From here I find my thoughts progressing even more...
I am thinking about everything in the past which I have deemed "cool"...and then I picture what I think of it 5, 10, or 15 years later. Does it really matter what image I portray now? Because in fifteen years I will look back to this point in time, when I can potentially be at the peak of my perfect image and realize that I really looked like this...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I have decided, after months of religiously reading my husband's blog (and many other people's blogs as well.) to start my own. I sometimes have wanted to be a part of this blogging world, but for reasons unknown to anyone (even myself) have refused to do so. So after some consideration and bias checking I decided to join the community.
Ok, with that disclaimer aside...here is my first posting.
The question is asked...What makes you Jones??

I Jones for:
rainbow chip cupcakes with rainbow chip frosting
The desire to be more organized
A book that will intrigue me so much that I will finish the whole thing
Starbucks everyday
real authentic dreads
And possibly a glass of scotch...I love scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch...Down into my belly?